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  1. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    Younes said:
    We are talking about warband,
    not some game published by Warner Bros. The only reason you are having this issue is because of the Warner Bros DRM protection that requires it, and looking at the discussions around it, a lot of people never had this problem.

    Not sure why you have to put things like "Confidence is the food of the wise man..."

    Supposed to be deep or something?

    But no point to argue, the whole discussion was clearly about multiplayer since those files were found under multiplayer libraries not whatever crap you're trying to prove

    Warband? OK, I'm out.
  2. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    Younes said:
    Steam has to be on but you don't have to be connected to the internet to launch the game or play singleplayer.

    Skins in SP make no sense, that's it.
    I don't know which game you are talking about, my example was MadMax.

    I was also mad reading this during a net service breakdown. And yes, it's a single player game, without ingame "store", I bought it's DVD, installed it previously, and it still had demanded internet connection to start. So, it's also a possibility.

    Confidence is the food of the wise man...
  3. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    You don't need to do this for singleplayer since you can play without internet if you wanted.

    I'm not a big gamer, but the last one I bought on DVD!! (Mad Max) do not starts without Steam online, so I'm not convinced, as I don't know what will be the trend at the time of BL's final relese.

    But singleplayer skins are absurd. I don't know why you would even think taleworlds would even CONSIDER doing it since singleplayer native would be able to be modified at will.

    No One said that those paid skins will be stored in the same format as SP models. I anticipate serious resrictions in that field.

  4. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    Younes said:
    DtheHun said:
    Younes said:
    It has never been suggested or even assumed singleplayer would have micros.
    Has it been for multiplayer before the leak?

    + It would solve the micro transactions over full payment problem.

    The leaks are only for multiplayer, not for singleplayer.

    It's not that easy.
    Assume that Tim buys the game, both SP and MP in one pack for full price. Then TW comes up with a beautiful new armor that Tim buys for his character. Won't Tim be able to equip his item in his single player campaign too? If yes, then it's micro in single player already, if not then it's a half baked model. Maybe those new cosmetics will be available at some point for single player game as DLC packs - it's technically not considered as a micro - it's still an extended payment model. (And poor Tim have to pay again).
    So, it's just not that easy.

  5. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    Younes said:
    It has never been suggested or even assumed singleplayer would have micros.
    Has it been for multiplayer before the leak?

    Anyway, it would solve the micro transactions over full payment problem.
  6. DtheHun

    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    Now, it looks like they are working on two different games unsuited for the same model.
    How about a free multi with cosmetic micros, and a full price but complete single player campaign?

    Sorry for the alienating idea, but I don't want to see this financial model infiltrating further into the campaign.
  7. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    A modding related question. Looks like I'm not late with that as the devblog became fortnightly. It's unfolded that skins and micro transactions are on the table, fortnity :wink:.
    I just can't imagine the model without serious restrictions. I mean, with the freedom of Warbands moddability - where you can add custom 3D models (better or worse) even to your multiplayer mod - Who would pay a buck to use an official skin? 
    You will probably show us perfect editors and we are waiting for it, but which aspects of modding are planned to be obstructed compared to Warband due to the changed model?

  8. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    The Bowman said:
    vicwiz007 said:
    Why do you toy with our feelings so much Callum?

    I still don't think it's an actual feature. I guess their idea of ambush is when you get caught by a party of 50 Sea Raiders while doing Ctrl+Spacebar from Rivacheg to Wercheg.

    And it's still no fun for the player, so the feature doesn't worth further development time.
  9. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    Yes, he's viking! Billian Billiansson.
  10. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    vicwiz007 said:
    Why do you toy with our feelings so much Callum?
    Another misspelled label. Nay Ambush !!!
  11. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    YourStepDad said:
    mike56 said:
    DtheHun said:
    I need a gif from the Spaniard to dissolve my frustration. :evil:

    I know you were not talking about me, but anyway.


    Nice new website. It's good to see you guys finally decided to start working on something you said like... two years ago that was already being worked on. Looks pretty solid.

    This new picture looks also kinda nice, but not too much.


    Am I dumb or what? How did I not see that in the blog?

    Not too much? Looks absolutely breathtaking. I actually have a hunch they definitely got inspired by the Polished Landscapes mod. And I can see why. I could not be happier that wintery trees look like this.
    Thanks for the effort! :smile: For me, the "not too much" part is the lack of variety in armors and horses. The whole group sits on the same charger covered by the same tablecloth, and the horsemen shares two sets of armors, even the helmets are matching per set, so it has a clone army or RTS game feeling. I would like to see a minimal individuality among the troops at least. The background is improved, no doubt.
  12. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 21/11/19

    I need a gif from the Spaniard to dissolve my frustration. :evil:
  13. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    degrading part skipped...

    I understand the community who are frustrated
    Obviously not.

    I think that an early access is lesser then a beta, but costs money. So, there's no guarantee that it won't turn into a BannerLordZ. Of course the theme is less popular then zombies were back then, so it would be obviously a worse - and slow - attempt for a cash grab.  :lol:
  14. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    Terco_Viejo said:
    Judd said:
    I definitely agree a video, even 30 seconds long, would have been very helpful with demonstrating the lighting, but that said this was enjoyable to see nonetheless.

    Dev Blog 08/03/18 said:

    I suppose you've seen this, haven't you?

    Ahh, fresh meat!  :lol:
    From 0:30 - the dynamic stuff - my eyes have stucked at the bottom of the second floor. Looks like it's light intensity doesn't change while the sun goes. Is that already pre rendered ambience from a fixed lightsource?
  15. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    NPC99 said:
    Interesting blog. How long it will take modders to bake GI into a scene using this approach?

    I hope it happens during every scene loading without any magic. Baking the the lights outside the engine, and retexturing the scene with the illuminated ones can be done even for Warband. It would need tons of texture loading, but it's possible.
  16. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    Moton said:
    Norseman said:
    Obviously you've run out of things to talk about. Just stop the "weekly" blogs already they're low quality and you're already goin weeks at a time without posting. Unprofessional.

    It's a DEVBLOG not a GAMEPLAYBLOG. If you dont even know what you're looking at and what kind of blogg you're reading you should'nt even comment on it. It's like getting angry when watching Planet Earth because you wanted a sci-fi.

    I think the blog was good, I'm not super into the subject but it's nice to know that we will have this kind of lumination in the game. If we did'nt it would be unplayable by todays standards.

    After so many years of waiting, countless cycles of hype and chill about content and release, most of the fans seeking for something more than a claim that the game graphic technically will be up to standards. This blog is not bad, just expired.
  17. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    AmateurHetman said:
    What exactly are the comparison photos showing in this blog?

    Light rays are bouncing from surfaces with a reduced intensity, that's why things in shadow are not totally black. You can see the color and texture of their surfaces to some extent.
    Comparing the pictures, there are no dark corners on the left image, because that ambience light is faked. Every surface in shadow has the same amount of visibility. It's flat just like in Warband. On the right, ambience light is counted from surface to surface, so the shading is realistic and the picture has more depth.
  18. DtheHun

    Show off your Bannerlord faces!

    vicwiz007 said:
    Reviving this thread because it's hilarious






    "Killed by fire they should be."
  19. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    Dearmad said:
    FBohler said:
    March 31st is a Tuesday.
    I can't help but imagine Callum reaching the forums the last Monday of March to tell us that the EA has been delayed and will be up and running as soon as possible, but without a fixed date, it's going to be released when it's ready...

    :lol: :lol:

    I'd bet money on this given the state of multiplayer.

  20. DtheHun

    Dev Blog 08/11/19

    How static is the thing? For example, if I open a door (like in old Mount&Blade tutorial) will the lights from one room infiltrate into the other, or it's sticked to the staring geometry of the level?
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