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  1. black_bulldog

    Lack of variety of companion heroes

    Since 1.5.1 I get a ok amount 3-5 of doctor backgrounds and typically 3-5 tactician/leader backgrounds. There a loads of just fighting types and plenty of scout and rouge, but I hardly ever get engineer npcs 1 or maybe 2 if I'm lucky, and typically I just get 1 trader background. I keep...
  2. black_bulldog

    Where are my cavalry/horse archers?

    Whenever I'm leading a group of cavalry or horse archers invariably I'll look behind me and realize they're nowhere to be seen. I'm like wtf is going on? T4 and 5 are suppose to have good horses but they are never close to my character even if I'm going at half speed and most of the time they...
  3. black_bulldog

    In Progress CTD when going from World Map to any settlement, hideout, or battle

    How to Reproduce: Trying to go from the world map to any settlement, battle etc causes a ctd. Tested with 2 different characters 2 different save files for each, 4 total. I retested multiple times on each save file still the same thing the game freezes then 10-15 seconds later ctd without any...
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