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  1. MountainBladesMan

    First Time Playing Since Release: A List of Grievances

    - I hate how battles take drag on longer than they should due to having to hunt down and kill the enemy lord and other assorted units that are too stupid to flee when the battles has obviously been lost. Why can't they just retreat along with everyone else? - Why does equipment still cost so...
  2. MountainBladesMan

    Leadership Should Level By Upgrading Troops

    Since currently leadership only levels when leading armies, and leading armies is only possible during the late-game, upgrading troops should train leadership. This makes sense since leadership is the governing trait for how quickly you can train your troops. Frankly, you should be getting...
  3. MountainBladesMan

    Armor Prices Are Now Worse

    60k for a nice helmet, 40k for a crossbow that's impossible to ever use, and over 100k for 'legionary mail' and leather horsemans armor which both completly outclass lammelar plate. I thought they fixed this in a previous patch. Or is this the 'fix'? Either way, the need to lay off the hookah...
  4. MountainBladesMan

    Armor Should Be Much Cheaper, Upgrading Should Be Much More Expensive

    I hate how they jacked up the prices for armor and equipment, even after the last patch. I saw helmets, very nice helmets but still just helmets, going for over 10k. That is completely unreasonable seeing as it was only marginally better than an alternative helmet which was 10x cheaper (which is...
  5. MountainBladesMan

    Names for Imperial Troops and Horse Archers I Guess

    1. Instead of calling Empire footmen 'infantry' call them legionaries (legionary, trained legionary, veteran legionary, etc) with the final level taking the name Palatinae Guard. It bothered me that only the last tier of unit was called 'legionary' because technically all the infantrymen are...
  6. MountainBladesMan

    Battania Troop Swap

    Battania should swap its horse troop line with a ranged troop line and create a fork in the noble line for a cav unit or just not have cav at all. Obviously a faction that is so dedicated to ranged attack should have ranged regulars as well but the reason I say get rid of regular cav is because...
  7. MountainBladesMan

    Simping Doesn't Pay

    How do you influence being chosen to gain a fief? I have a castle and a town (the South's capital we took back from the West) but Rhagaea now only considers the same three guys or herself to receive new ones despite me giving her 50k and gettin 100 relation with her.
  8. MountainBladesMan

    Someone Missed Decimal Place

    A lot of the issues with the game feel like someone added or missed a zero somewhere they should have. - There is no way in Hell you are only supposed to get 15 gold from defeating an enemy party as a merc. 150 or even 1500 seems more reasonable. The contract should be a wage subsidy like it...
  9. MountainBladesMan

    Wood OP Don't Nerf

    I'd say money is rather scarce in Bannerlord considering how you have to pay your troops every day instead of every month. In the early game I was constantly scrambling to make ends meet, and even resorted to trading in paltry goods, something I never did in Warband, since I couldn't catch...
  10. MountainBladesMan

    Archers Not Firing

    There is a 50/50 chance when I load into a battle that archers won't fire despite being told to. Why is that? Keep in mind, this game has been in development for 10 years.
  11. MountainBladesMan

    No Mercenary Contracts?

    Merc contracts were my bread and butter in Warband. I'd use it to fund building up a small but elite party and go from faction to faction to build my relations with lords by helping them in battle or letting them go. Raiding villages would help me build a warchest for when I finally pledged...
  12. MountainBladesMan

    Memory Leak?

    The game slows down when opening menus and eventually just crashes when loading in a new scene. This seems like the tell-tale signs of a memory leak issue with the game or the game not using all of the RAM it could be using. Is there a way to allocate more to it?
  13. MountainBladesMan

    Crossbow Men Not Firing

    Has anyone else noticed that their missile units aren't firing? I recruited some crossbows to my party but they never fired a bolt despite me making sure they could fire at will.
  14. MountainBladesMan

    Empire "Storyline"?

    Do you think there is going to be some sort of loose "storyline" for the Empire that results in it reuniting under the player without having to outright conqueror it? I'd like the opportunity to be more of a savy politician than a blood-soaked warlord. There will be plenty of time for that after...
  15. MountainBladesMan

    Hideouts are a Crapshoot

    Hideouts have no consistent difficulty and all depend on where the enemy spawn and a how many. The Merchant's start quest is a good example, where success for a starting player depends almost entirely on how many Singalians decide to spawn. If its more than one, your basically out luck. Snake...
  16. MountainBladesMan

    Best Starting Castle

    Before venturing to conquer Pendor in earnest, I want to establish a staging ground to gather forces in and establish a Knighthood Order. Which castle do you think would be best for this? I was thinking that castle high up on the mountain owned by the Viking guys that has a village in the Arab...
  17. MountainBladesMan

    Mid Game Slump

    What are you supposed to do for the mid-game where your party is between 100 and 200 dudes and you don't have access to Order Knights? Mobs of virgin-hunters and bandits are unrewarding while most lords and unique spawns are too strong for you. How do you quickly get into the 200s?
  18. MountainBladesMan

    Whats the Point of Apprenticeships?

    All you do is go talk to a guy once every day and then nothing happens. And I'm supposed to do this until they let my open up an enterprise every other mod lets you open up with enough money? even when I'm part of the gentry? Something must not be right...
  19. MountainBladesMan

    Is it Alive? If so, some Suggestions

    I've played for a while and found some things I think need to be added/changed. 1. The training skill is listed as a personal skill for some reason, rendering training party members like Cedric useless. 2. Mines and farms and stuff should harvest resources automatically depending on the amount...
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