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  1. In Progress (1.6.5) sumpter horses and mules unequipable

    The weird thing is that sumpters still have is_mountable="true" in horses_and_others.XML…
  2. Resolved "Gang leader needs weapons" quest consuming wrong weapons - patch 1.5.7


    Also, suggestion: why not give us a menu à la prisoner/serf selling, so we can chose what we give?
  3. Resolved "Gang leader needs weapons" quest consuming wrong weapons - patch 1.5.7

    I wonder if it has something to do with axes being locked, while offered during the quest, or maybe them being in a stack causes some issues, so the game takes other unstacked items. I will try to test that next time I play!
    it had nothing to do with it in 1.5.7 at least, I had *hundreds* of unlocked hatchets, and the quest giver would still help himself with outher stuff.
    Haven't chanced upon this quest in 1.5.8 yet for some reason.
  4. In Progress Some companions have no skills in unmodded sandbox beta 1.5.9

    Used to be the case of those of the eloping daughters of village bigwigs you'd fail to convince to come back and of whom you'd kill the leman. Not sure if it's still the case.
  5. Resolved Lord party is patrolling without any food and everyone wounded

    Ooow, I had that happen for the exact same mercs in my 1.5.7 game.
  6. Need More Info Gang leader need weapons bugged

    Aaaaaand in 1.5.7 the fkn gang leaders still help themselves with some of your choice axes instead of taking the cheaper ones… *edit* still taking OTHER TYPES OF WEAPONS, too.
    Just make it like the manual labourers quests, where we can chose what we're giving.

    *edit* I've been doing a bit of testing, yesterday, by saving just before accepting the quest, in 2 different towns :
    _ each gang leader would always chose the same axes at every reload, as far as I could judge
    _ they chose different weapons: one would help himself with my 2 best axes and a whole lot of swords, the other only took crap axes.
    _ *edit2* a gang leader's behaviour doesn't seem to change with time… (Or at least, not untill the quest isn't available anymore. Went away, did a few other quests, one of which make me return to the fancy weapons snatcher gang leader, who still snatched the fancy weapons. Did that twice in a row)
  7. Need More Info Gang leader need weapons bugged

    Yeah, can confirm that this isn't fixed in 1.5.6
    Not only that, but the mod that was fixing this now crashed because of a deleted method.
  8. 1.153 is out..

    hadza999 said:
    Are you having a problem with me...
    I hava a question
    If you want to answe, anwer myquestion and don't write something about my something sheat
    ara I clearly
    you are ****
    DEBILČINO JEDNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not planing to stay long around those parts, I see...
  9. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    EdmundBlackadder said:
    Kuauik, it's looking fantastic. The arming coif is classy! What inspired that surcoat in picture number 3? is it Iberian?

    Hmmm, the one with the Castle and the Lion ?
    I daresay it does.
    Say, from Castilla & Leon, maybe...
  10. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    JuicyDeath said:
    illustration [...] drawn looong ago not by professional
    "ITT, JuicyDeath revolutionize medieval historiography by puting forward a bold theory that medieval manuscripts were not precious artifacts but rather the medieval equivalent of anime fan art, i.e. ugly fantasy doodles made by 14 yo kids with issues. A science exclusive report"
  11. kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    Armour from the XVth century ? How about no ?

    *edit* Oh, he ninja-deleted...

    Though this can still hold for the suggestion 3 posts below....
  12. How I feel when I play this mod

    Disco Ninja said:
    Avidius Cassius said:
    Example B)  Someone is named Anna, she is required to know French.

    So, now the French invented name Anna? Anna is a biblical (old Jewish) name used in whole christian and Jewish world.

    Besides, the French for Anna is Anne...
  13. Rugby World Cup

    Calodine said:
    Oh, we do. We just play real sports instead.
    I trust he wasn't talking about Cricket.
  14. Rugby World Cup

    Havoc said:
    USA = Rugbymen? I confused.

    *edit: he changed his post and as such mine makes no sense!

    *evil laugh*
  15. Rugby World Cup

    Rugby doesn't stop for erupting volcanoes.
  16. Rugby World Cup

    Sushiman said:
    All Blacks are gonna win. Again.

    Good one...  :lol:

    First time I'll see Russia play. And lots of team I haven's seen playing in 4 years, like Japan or Georgia (still remmeber Georgia almost beating Ireland...). I'm rather eager. And certainly not because I'm confident in the chances of France...  :roll:
  17. I'm away

    Tei said:
    Oh, just admit it - you're dead, pal.
    fixed.  :razz:
  18. Subversion - checking out the development version of the mod (161)

    DrTomas said:
    Othr hasn't been online since sunday. He surely must have died and so does this mod as well.

  19. Progress/Development for Warband

    Mykami said:
    I had in mind this way of holding, if it's inaccurate I would like you to show the correct way.

    Well, I couldn't say, I was just precisely wondering if that was what you had in mind.
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