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  1. Resolved Banners bug for ps4 (1.03)

    That was something i noticed back when i was an intern and the game was only letting me change the banner only on English language and not let me on others. No idea how this bug originated. We are pretty busy with Bannerlord as you might imagine and i can't be sure if we can allocate resources to Warband at this point.
  2. Resolved Banners bug for ps4 (1.03)

    Changing the language to English will fix this problem.
    I've tried to change the language but it doesn't solve it, should I uninstall and reinstall the game or something? Although I don't understand why should the language of the game affect such a thing... Specially on a console like ps4
  3. Resolved Banners bug for ps4 (1.03)

    Everytime I try to pick a banner for my character the game only allows me to choose from the first 16 of them, I've tried by starting with a banner and also by waiting until I get the banner from a king but the problem stills there in both situations. I've checked multiplayer banner selection...
  4. Introduction/Hello thread

    You could try the tech support section, either single- or multiplayer.

    Also, welcome to the forum :smile:
    Thanks, I hooe I can get some help then, and it's nice to meet you! 💯
  5. Introduction/Hello thread

    Hi everyone!

    I just joined the community to ask for help with a little issue... I don't wanna get the mods angry at me so i need to ask where can i go to ask for help with the ps4 version of M&B Warband?
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