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    Patch 1.6.3 amazing Please this is not funny anymore people are tired of waiting let modders help, hire more people, make some decisions but just hurry the **** up would be much appreciated
  2. Can i put my compagnon i a town thats not mine?

    my brother was pumping up the relations with the clan in the city he was staying so i wanted to move him to another city but i cant find a way to make him stay there. is there one? and does anyone know if the charm or other stats has any influence on the relationship gain?
  3. Need More Info I keep getting ransom request from people who are not in my party and faction beta

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  4. trading fiefs trade perk

    i understand to buy a fief without fighting for it u should have trade 300 so u can get the perk. but if im looking to entice a lord/clan to join me as my vassal i think u should be able to throw in some fiefs to convince him/her without the perk.
  5. Do Defenders sally out when u come to help them?

    allot of times my force is not great enough to win against the besiegers (i am not in the castle/town) but if the defenders would join the battle we would win. is this already implemented because i never saw it i would be wonderful to get a pelennor fields situation but i guess since the ai cant...
  6. Compagnion dead means gear is gone?

    i understand some of it might break but everything gone seems a little harsh or is there a drop chance? how does this work
  7. Resolved dead clans keeps getting fiefs

    im playing the beta 1.5.3 and i have a clan in the nothern empire kingdom of which i am a part where the 2 members are dead but they still are getting new fiefs (: there flag is greyed out
  8. Dead Clan keeps getting new fiefs

    im playing the beta 1.5.3 and i have a clan in the nothern empire kingdom of which i am a part where the 2 members are dead but they still are getting new fiefs (: there flag is greyed out
  9. Armies @ war passing each other

    I keep seeing giant armies @ war passing each other on their way to siege. like right next to each other. it kind of feels like they are waving and whishing each other luck.
  10. beta branch 1.5.3 slight freeze after pause

    so after i one a battle or just standing still and start moving again there is a slight delay/freeze mooment before things start moving. i never had this before 1.5.3 beta, is anyone else experiencing this?
  11. Quests for looted villages

    Hi ! I'm still getting quest that i cannot do because the village in question is looted.
  12. TW and Modders work together

    i see so many brilliant mods already with great ideas en quality of life updates and i just wonder is TW considering hiring or at least working together or maybe holding a brainstorm session who can make (for example) the best banner creation and incorporate it into the vanilla game? so many...
  13. Auto Comparing weapon stats

    i really like the Auto Comparing weapon stats so u can quickly see which item is better in which department but can u please also make it so when i want do compare one handed/ two handed whit each other i can do so regardless of whether it is a axe or sword etc. so when i have i nice 1h axe /...
  14. Siege catapult ammo cant be re picked up like dropped weapons

    i was helping my catapult shoot faster so i helped load ammo when they shot one of the crew went to get the next stone but since i stood ready i loaded it up first, he then dropped his projectile which cant be picked up again just a minor detail just taught i would report it to make mount and...
  15. Levelling Compagnions

    With hte new patch my Compagnions got some levels!! nais! but does this now mean i have to disband their parties / caravans to get them back into my party so i can level them up?
  16. Starting outside Castle/Town After victory

    When i hack the last defender down me and my army are standing inside the castle. we are victorious then i go back to the campaing map and i start away from the castle and i have to ride towards it. offcourse your logistic train is still outside the gate but i think it would be better if u start...
  17. Idea for commanding troops

    in the heat of battle u dont always have time issue perfect orders so i taught it would be a nice idea if you would hover the move order button F1 (in battle) over say enemy archers the group u are commanding understands u want them to attack that group not stand next to them gettting shot when...
  18. AI Lords Charge in while greatly outnumbered

    i dont know if they are super balsy or a bug but i think the latter sometimes the bar of power reflecting the armies strength is turned around in the pre battle screen maybe this is the cause?
  19. executed lords who defected still got reputation loss with my own faction

    When the traitors decided to join the enemy i swore i would not let them escape with their lives the next time we would meet in battle. and so i executed 2 lords from that clan. later i found out that i both had a relation loss with the kingdom they defected to and the kingdom i was a vassal of...
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