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  1. Likbjorn

    [1.4.3] "Train troops" quest reward is independent of number of survived borrowed troops

    Summary: When you complete the "Train troops" quest from local notable, you get 2400 denars independent of number of troops left. I finished quest with from 3 up to 5 soldiers left. How to Reproduce: Finish "Train troops" quest several times with different amount of borrowed troops left...
  2. Likbjorn

    Resolved [1.4.3] "In settlement" healing rate bonus does not apply in villages

    Summary: If you check healing rate while visiting a village, you will see "+10" healing rate bonus. However, when you "Wait for some time" in the village, you can see that the bonus is not present anymore. Although the bonus is present while waiting in towns. Nor bonus for troops is present...
  3. Likbjorn

    Resolved Troop formations start next to the enemy in village/hideout battles

    I just got same issue for formation VI at Ebereth village when engaging looters nearby.
  4. Likbjorn

    Resolved [e1.4.0 Beta] Whole Seller & Appraiser don't mark profits after reloading save

    Hello. I issued this bug as well at version Beta e1.4.2.

    My character has "Whole seller" perk active. I bought clay and pottery at Pen Cannoc and then just traveled to Sargot with no encounters and save/loads in between. As you can see, no marks on goods prices.

    Edit: worked well on Beta e1.4.1
  5. Likbjorn

    100 looters in the wild spotted, anyone seen a bigger group?

    100+ stacks of looters and bandits running around are what's needed to be common in this game. In my session I encountered a 50+ looter party close to Pravend only once, with 20+ being less common, the rest are normally numbered around 10. The real treasure in this game is finding either looter or bandit parties of at least 80 and above.
    Is this really what you want from the game? It's just boring to fight looters, they got no tactics and can't counter you. Don't you want relatively small (up to 20) but elite bandit parties instead?
  6. Likbjorn

    Retreating/Routing: archers and cavalry should do it more often.

    I think archers get some morale gain while shooting enemies, so they need to lose more morale in melee fight before they would retreat. Higher morale gain/loss for nearby actions is a good thing, but there should be a component which is independent of the distance between troops.
    Plus, there could be a passive morale loss for ranged troops if enemy formations are just nearby them.

    I would also like to see some softer version of "Hold your grounds" order: I want to order archers to hold position, but fall back to avoid melee fights if enemy formations will approach them. "Follow your sergeants" is not a solution, because this behaviour covers all possible commands, including charge.
  7. Likbjorn

    Need More Info [Beta 1.4.1] Smithy: weapon parts being unlocked, but missing in parts list or belong to wrong weapon type.

    Summary: While smelting weapons, I get notification about new parts being unlocked. When I tried to use these parts for crafting, I found that they are missing. After some search, I found that they belong to wrong weapon type. This mostly happens to Two-Handed Sword Grips, which are available...
  8. Likbjorn

    Resolved [UI] Crossed swords icon has wrong vertical alignment

    Summary: crossed swords icon which is used for battle indication on global map is aligned wrong. In battanian mounteens it is actually below the terrain (although it is visible due to rendering order). It seems like it has vertical coordinate set to constant and does not depend on terrain...
  9. Likbjorn

    Swarm of Smiths

    Well, about the hideouts. I just cleared one and moved further into the wild lands. Do brigands need food or something to be naturally balanced?
  10. Likbjorn

    Besiegers take heavy losses during assault due to AI's hasty decisions

    Greatings. First of all, I've created the issue here. I created this additional thread to gather community opinions about the issue, since it is not a bug, it is kind of a balancing issue. Let me describe it here so you don't have to follow the link. I've obeserved several sieges, where...
  11. Likbjorn

    Resolved AI armies ignore construction of siege engines and it leads to enormous losses

    Summary: I observed several sieges, where big armies attacked castles or towns with relatively low garrison. If so, they tend to rush with the assault for some reason without waiting until siege tower and ram will be ready. I've never seen attackers using catapults as well. This ignorance ends...
  12. Likbjorn

    Why Sturgia often grows weak, Khuzait often grows strong

    I'm being a bit off-topic, but to this quote:
    Why destroying them is pointless? After you destroy a hideout there is no mechanism spawning new one right after. So you can clear hideouts in your lands by destroying them one by one. I am asking to learn if there is any problem in this system.
    @mexxico hideout spawn may behave not exactly like you think they should. I once tried to clear out the hideout in the area, where many small bandit parties were present. I cleared it out, and in less than a in-game day (like, 4 in-game hours maybe) one bandit party created a hideout again on the same place. So I destroyed it next night, was easy since there were like 2-4 bandits. And the next day they made a new one on the same place. Unfortunately, I did not record it or saved a save file for proper bug report. I will do one if it will happen again.
  13. Likbjorn

    Resolved Crossed swords icon shown on global map where no battle is happening

    Summary: I loaded saved game, and crossed swords icon appeared above my army. When I have moved a bit, the icon were still there. It does not dissapear. How to reproduce: load save game. Save file on Google Drive:
  14. Likbjorn

    In Progress Beta 1.3.0 Wanderers in taverns not listed in encyclopedia, nor able to be hired

    These companions also have type of "Unknown" instead of "Wanderer".
  15. Likbjorn

    [1.3.0 Beta] Strategic skills of Sturgians are... surprising

    Relative to 1.3.0 Beta Sturgians just hired me as mercenary. And I saw this: First, they are at war with 4 factions at once. Second, they somehow own Quyaz. Third, this Quyaz is governed by an Empire-born lord. And this happened in only one in-game year. How?! Seems like recent patch with...
  16. Likbjorn

    Need More Info Escort merchant caravan: caravan does not leave native town

    Yes, it seems like the caravans are bugged, not the quest. But there is a deal about the quest. If they are stuck because they can't recruit more troops, active escort quest should lower the limit of troops requested for them to travel.
  17. Likbjorn

    Need More Info Escort merchant caravan: caravan does not leave native town

    Summary: I took the "Escort merchant caravan" quest in Varcheg from Yun the Brewer. I waited for caravan to start its journey, but it never left the town. I checked that it's still inside, so I didn't miss it going outside. I waited a couple of days. After that an army came to besiege the town...
  18. Likbjorn

    Need More Info AI create armies while not at war

    Summary: some Vlandian lord just created an army, although there is no war at the moment. I suppose this is not an intended behavior. How to reproduce: unknown Version: 1.2.0 Beta Media:
  19. Likbjorn

    Resolved Wounded lords with wounded troops keep trying to attack an army

    Summary: see video in Media section. Lords, whos parties consist of from 0 to 2 soldiers ready for fight, are trying to attack an army of 250 men. They fight several times, retreat, and keep trying again. I suppose this act of insane bravery is not an intended behavior. Unfortunately, I was so...
  20. Likbjorn

    Need More Info Thugs have wrong lines during Family Feud quest

    Summary: Thugs under command of the opposite side of Family Feud conflict have wrong lines when you talk to them. You can talk to them if the man you protect far enough to not trigger quest dialog. And the Thug talks like you just hired him in a tavern and he's a part of your party. How to...
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