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  1. Great White Shark

    No support from Vlandia to any policy

    I created my own kingdom in Vlandia and recruited all their lords. None of the lords support any policy. Is this a bug? When I played as empire some policies was getting support from vassals.
  2. Great White Shark

    It says civil war after creating a non-imperial kingdom?

    I created a kingdom in vlandian territory. I recruited their nobles. When I open up my vassals' page it says they are backing me in the civil war. Is this a bug on me or happens to everybody?
  3. Great White Shark

    Resolved Beard clips through closed helmets

    Summary: When you equip a closed helmet while having a large beard it clips through the helmet. It doesn't look very good. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.2.0
  4. Great White Shark

    [BUG?] NPC faces and portraits are way too dark

    I don't know if it's posted before, but NPCs in inventory screen etc are too dark, too dim, it wasn't like this before 1.1.0. Can't even see their faces.
  5. Great White Shark

    A question relating Family Feud quest

    They fixed the mission in 1.2.0 beta. But every time, whatever I do, even if I convince them, the quest fails. And after that he permanently becomes my clan member. Is this intended or a bug?
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