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  1. Moth_Queen

    Separate graphic options for Multiplayer and Solo

    1. Not everyone has Nvidia GTX3080. 2. I do, but in MP I still need my stable over 144 fps without stutters wich still occurs and is deadly vs those feinting tryhards there. So there go shadows and AO. 3. In Solo I need 100% OMG RAYTRACE 4K MEGA HD graphics, because I can live with some fps...
  2. Moth_Queen

    Noob's sorrow: Imposed graphic downgrade: separate settings/create presets

    I met a friendly dude that taught me how to git gud at blocking. Guess what. Guess. What. To block good, you need to turn the graphics down by a lot (there is a "pro" list of stuff to turn off) to match 144 fps (quite a number...) minimum, and the 144 Hz screen to match that fps. Because even...
  3. Moth_Queen

    Silent assasination of leaders without repercussion

    Yes, you heard it right. You can join an army, help it in the battle and then shoot the leader right in the head with a bow. This may count as death on the battlefield just as any other injury. This may be abused to get rid of enemy lords without getting hated. I suggest fixing it 😋 1. By...
  4. Moth_Queen

    Single player bots blocking (Multiplayer related!)

    Single player bots need to block better and feint more to prepare new/casual players for the unsufferable festival of Lvl 800 Master of Death Champions wich is multiplayer currently. I want a merciless "Division A" difficulty setting to get some passive training in my single player. Thank you.
  5. Moth_Queen

    Mouse and Sword: Noob sensivity

    Ok now I am kind of lost here. There are four kinds of info on the matter: 1. Very low sensivity, wich allows extra precision, stable camera movement, and also better and more sustainable blocking. 2. Very hight sensivity, wich helps drag the mouse to hit the target at the very beginning of...
  6. Moth_Queen

    Hear the Casul Roar: We are sad!

    Hello there... I am a casul. There are 80% like me. Maybe more? Who knows. And I am sad. This game forces me to fight in a 6V6 skirmish mode, wich is available in litteraly every other competitive game out there. I didn't come here to have this as my main course. I came here for large-scale...
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