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  1. Armistead

    some admins are just retarded.

    Just messing around with someone of the saùe regiment I kicked him and the freaking amdin bans me. Just saying laammmeeee
  2. Armistead

    CAMELOT_DM ban

    Hello, not sure where ot post this. I was playing on this server (CAMELOT_DM) and the admin was teleporting some guys around, giving them extra money, healing etc etc etc... so I made my point that this was unfair to the other players so asked him to stop it. Some oyher folks on the server...
  3. Armistead

    (Official) The Union Army [Accepting Regiments]

    Major General Bacon The Union Army is a gaming community for Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars mod “North and South”. It is not a group which could be called a “clan”. It is a highly dedicated Army which attempts to give a safe and friendly enviroment for all union regiments. We possess a...
  4. Armistead

    Melee Championship

    Do you think you are the best melee fighter in this mod? Do you think your Regiment has the most skilled melee fighters? Are you a badass of swordsmanship? PROVE IT I, together with the beloved Pepper, will host a Melee-Championship. Yes. CHAMPIONSHIP. YOU can proove to the whole community...
  5. Armistead

    Other topic

    There is a new topic for the USMC now
  6. Armistead

    delete plz

    pressed post instead of preview my bad
  7. Armistead

    1776 - The American Revolution

    PREVIEW WORK IN PROGRESS For the first time, the biggest fans for american history based modifications, are working together to present a new multiplayer expierence for the community. GABRILDURO, developer of successfull Singleplayer and Multyplayer modifications like 1755 Old Frontier...
  8. Armistead

    Official Saturday Linebattle

    Sign up is from now on in Dixieland army TS at Saturday 21.00 GMT ~~ Offical Saturday Linebattle ~~ Welcome to the thread of the offical saturday linebattle event of North and South. You get to know every important information in this thread. For further information or...
  9. Armistead

    Map fort Wagner

    Newest project I decided to recreate 'Fort Wagner' most of you will know it form the movie 'Glory' and if you don't look it up :D it's also the fort were the Famous 54Th Massachusetts colour regiment did a brave charge Now I'm looking for information from the inside, outside and surroundings...
  10. Armistead

    Bacon's mapping corner

    Hello and welcome to my mapping corner. This thread is just a way for people to download my maps very easy and to let them know on what I'm working on. This page is still very WIP I still need to add alot of screenshots to it, but you'r always free to download any of my maps, if you do plz leave...
  11. Armistead


    5th Michigan Cavalry     HISTORY Roster COMMAND: Lieutenant George A. Custer NCO: Staff Sergeant HandofGod Color Sergeant Blackwater Corporal Bacon Corporal VictoryShooter Corporal Cowboy Enlisted: Trooper First Class Sinistersoldier Trooper First Class LordOfFlies Trooper First Class...
  12. Armistead

    Dedicated server

    So I tried putting up a dedicated server but this what I get any help ??
  13. Armistead

    1er Regiment de Cuirassiers [RECRUITING]

    We merged with La Garde de Caulaincourt Recreate your app on this forum La Garde de Caulaincourt
  14. Armistead

    5th Michigan M&B :Warband clan on seccesion

    Hey wij zijn een regiment op de module secession  Amerikaanse burgeroorlog ( engelstalig ) met een paar mensen van Belgie en Nederland en wie wilt joinen kan altijd een applicatie maken en dan zien we wel.,196752.0.html
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