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    Gameplay (mostly multiplayer) 1. Legshots should be a lot harder or even impossible (especially in MP). This should not be a nerf to accuracy of archers but a buff to infantry's shields. 2. Glancing hits happen far too often and inconsistently. 3. Allow a bigger range of up/down motion when...
  2. sotamursu123

    Multiplayer Feedback from the Competitive Community.

    all archers feel like sarranids - not being able to kill people in one headshot

    inf feel like dismounted cav not being able to avoid legshots, only balanced by archers having low damage - legshots shouldn't happen on most inf if they're holding their shields properly and dodging properly

    cav feel like inf mounted on saddlehorses with no riding skill
  3. sotamursu123

    North American Player Ratings (New Fun Poll Up!)

    gorlock would honestly be the best cav NA if trees didn't exist.
  4. sotamursu123


    ehkä, jos ei vielä ollu alkanu

    EDIT: nvm meni näköjään jo  :lol:
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    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: SotaMursu
    Nationality: Finland
    Preferred Class: great long axe man
    Past Teams: cba to write all of them but kurwa and some other stuff

    A word of warning as well, I might not be able to play a match every week, especially towards the end of the tournament.
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    nations cup taas

    Haluaako rölli kapteeniks?
  7. sotamursu123

    nations cup taas,379299.0.html
  8. sotamursu123

    [WSC2] GRAND FINALS & BRONZE MATCH - Deadline 9th of September

    bans: mountain fortress, naval outpost, frosthaven, river village
    picks: GR pick legacy town, wonwoks pick castellum
  9. sotamursu123

    nc 5v5 pls (i will accept 6v6)

    5v5 nc is also kind of a tradition just not as much as the 8v8 tbh
  10. sotamursu123

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    krowa 12 - 0 ib





    played on bcm de2
  11. sotamursu123

    Directx7 or Directx9?

    the only difference between dx7 and dx9 is how the game looks, performance won't change much unless playing on a potato

    on dx7, textures look flat, in certain situations this leads to things being easier to spot, but on some it's the exact opposite, mostly it's all about preference.
  12. sotamursu123

    [WSC2] GRAND FINALS & BRONZE MATCH - Deadline 9th of September

    NOW you give out extensions and move the tournament... gg  :lol:


  13. sotamursu123

    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

    Efe Karacar said:
    What personal data, anyway? Even the passwords you use to enter in websites have fancy little stars on them. Your email is literally filling up with entry attempts to your youtube, twitter, facebook accounts daily...from china, US and what-not. You literally live in a world of notifications and since you are not playing with millions of dollars, noone really cares about your little bank accounts. I don't think robbers of that sort will not take a lifetime of prison for a funny a few thousands, not a good trade. Chances of Mynes doing anything with your personal data is as close to a man breaking your home tonight. Banks have their own insurance policies at-place, just for incidents like this.
    with the knowledge of how many characters your password is, it would lower the time needed for someone to hack ur facebook (depending on how complicated the password is) from years to possibly a couple of minutes btw.
  14. sotamursu123

    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]


    what's Kane aiming at here?  :roll:

  15. sotamursu123

    Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

    it would take screenshots of your desktop if you'd ran warband windowed i think
  16. sotamursu123

    [WSC2] Groupstage: Week 3 - Deadline 22nd of July

    GR 9 - 5 wonwoks




    Missing rhodok set screenshot, (3rd), score was 3-1 for GR.
  17. sotamursu123

    [WSC2] Groupstage: Week 3 - Deadline 22nd of July

    Cosmic Ciiges said:
    everyone shut up and stay on topic, admins are looking into the issue. Also, stop calling players our for aimbot when you have no knowledge of how the game works.

    Haven't seen such wise words from Ciiges ever before.
  18. sotamursu123

    [WSC2] Groupstage: Week 3 - Deadline 22nd of July

    thursday default time or sunday default time.
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