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  1. Aliaksandr

    Go to hell with your scalpel, I have my scimitar... or Rambo nerfing from TW

    Strange, but it seems to me that the worst moments (in my opinion) in the development of the MP are connected: 1) Leaving @mexxico with the addition of perks to MP 2) @NIN3 departure with hard Rambo nerfing And if the departure of these wonderful people from the team is definitely bad, then we...
  2. Aliaksandr

    Your right to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins (I.Kant)

    Hey new BL multiplayer people! I am always very glad to meet you in this new game mode for you. I'm not really worried about the low level of your gaming skills (of course, this may complicate the next victory of your team, but it will make it more worthy:wink:). It is enough that you just try...
  3. Aliaksandr

    Love for MP is on the way!

    Hey fellas! Don't even think about quitting until you wait and try it🦴: Stay in touch...
  4. Aliaksandr

    Thanks for boosting my ping, TW!

    It has become much smaller than it was before the recent server crash (y)(y)(y) Now I finally always see the transfer of my lance to the coach position and see the opponent’s blow before I feel the damage from it :xf-smile:
  5. Aliaksandr


    Patch e1.6.4 introduced a change to the blocking mechanics, which brings the game one step closer to realism: Attacks now take into account the relative movement speed between the attacker and the target when deciding if an attack will bounce or not. And this is very good. Only now it is not...
  6. Aliaksandr

    Some flanking to decorate fights

    Of course, I know about the existence of the limitations of the game engine, but nevertheless I would really like to see that our highly experienced character knows how to handle a sword at least the way our female Cossacks do it. Please add some flanking to the game. This will greatly decorate...
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