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  1. Rasorath

    VBV_PW_RP Thread (Closed)

    I've shut down all of my servers. Virtual Blitz Vanguard Persistent World Name(v4): VBV_PW4_RP Name(v3.5b): VBV_PW3_5_RP TeamSpeak 3: Hosted in Europe. Other server owners can feel free to copy our rulesets, including the translations. VBV_PW4_RP: Rules...
  2. Rasorath

    TC_PW_RP [Server Rules]

    The rules in English: 1. No Randoming: Killing/attacking someone without an in-character reason is considered "randoming" and is not allowed. If you're not sure what an "in character reason" to kill someone may be, take a look at some examples: 2. No Revenge Killing: When killed...
  3. Rasorath

    United_PW4_Roleplay Complaints, Suggestions and Unban Requests (Bye)

    I'll see you guys later. I'm off to Sovngarde.
  4. Rasorath


    I'll see you guys later. I'm off to Sovngarde.
  5. Rasorath

    Attack on EU_PW4_RolePlay.

    For those of you who don't already know: There was an "Attack" of sorts on the EU_PW4_RolePlay server today. All our players can come on to the server and get a full refund. You might be curious as to who did this, so I will try to keep you all updated as to what we find. This is what we have...
  6. Rasorath

    EU_PW4_RolePlay - Main Server Thread and Rules. (Rules updated 21.12.2011)

    EU_PW4_RolePlay New Teamspeak 3 server: EU_PW4 and NA_PW4 are on the same Teamspeak server to prepare for the merge. Our Website Name: EU_PW4_RolePlay Slots: 150 Teamspeak 3 Server: Server Rules Server Rules 1.Randoming: Do not kill anyone...
  7. Rasorath

    EU_PW4_Roleplay - Suggestions - Post Suggestions Here

    EU_PW4_Roleplay Suggestions Thread. Is there something bothering you about the server? Have suggestions on how we can improve the server in general? Or maybe you have some constructive criticism? Then you've come to the right place! All suggestions are open for discussion.
  8. Rasorath

    EU_PW4_RolePlay- Admin Complaints/Player Complaints/Ban Appeal Requests/Ban List

    EU_PW4_RolePlay If you would like to complain about an administrator or player, use this format: Your in-game name: The accused's in-game name: In full detail; explain what happened: In few words; explain what you're accusing this admin/player of: The date and time of the incident. Your...
  9. Rasorath

    EU_PW4_RolePlay Admin Applications (Open)

    EU_PW4_RolePlay Administrator Applications If you want to post it on our website, click here. If any of the more "personal" questions on the application (For example: Amount of time spent on the server, age, level of professionality) turns out to be answered incorrectly in terms of what the...
  10. Rasorath

    The Hoods - A Persistent Guild

    The Hoods - A Persistent Guild. Roving the vast wilderness with nothing but their bows and knowledge... brave and noble outlaws cast out from society by the tyrannous menaces of modern life and culture - their work a taboo, working against all odds to help make the ends meet with poor...
  11. Rasorath

    EU_A_PW_RolePlay Naval Battle Feedback + Screenshots.

    Today (Monday) we had a Naval Battle on the EU_A server. Those that were there: What did you think about it? Anything we could do to improve it for future referance? Some screenshots: Englishmen invading the French. Englishmen lining up for a last attack. Almost a line...
  12. Rasorath

    EU_A_ Ruleset proposal - Short and Simple

    This is a proposal for the new ruleset of the EU_A_ server. __________________ Two Main Rules: 1. No Randoming: Don't kill someone without a roleplay reason. In most chases you should allow people to Roleplay themselves out of a situation. Examples of a "Roleplay Reason": Being an Outlaw...
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