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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    I'm a free target for harrassment by randoms and have no right to complain, and should just man up.
    That wasn't his point. You've been flaming people all these years, so we assume you have the thick skin to accept your turn in stride.
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition


    .......being denounced by redditors
    Funny thing. Rushia got unceremoniously fired just now. The same day the Russia Ukraine war started.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    JUST ONE MORE TIME. I'm not PERSONALLY ADVOCATING this kind of thing.
    I thought so. Well, it's not a hill I'd die on, but you do you. :lol:

    Funnily, relationships between secondary school teachers and students-not-in-their-final-year are not really uncommon.
    People committing fraud, suicide, murder, adultery, and winrar piracy is also not uncommon. Doesn't mean it should be accepted. This mindset that "it's normal so we should just accept it" is why these things keep happening. Instead of trying to improve and solve these problems, people just give up and even end up legalizing/promoting those bad actions. Then they complain about the world being so bad and cruel.

    Regarding the war, holy **** it's actually happening. Gonna keep an eye on that.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    I'm done here. This has dissolved into some kind of weird personal animosity and ganging up.
    I thought you were just jokingly doubling down on this for funzies, but in case you're actually being serious this whole time, no Vader. Just because something is legal on paper or has scientific reasons, doesn't magically make it a good thing.

    Sure you can say it's natural for men to be attracted to teenage girls, or it's completely legal in the country the act was done, but that doesn't mean it's not a disgusting act that shouldn't be condemned. The reasons are obvious so I won't go into that. I will just emphasize that this kind of mental gymnastic is dangerous. People should strive to be the best version of themselves. We all have our desires, but we need to control them, especially when they will lead to danger.

    This attitude of "Oh it's natural so it's fine" or "Oh it's not a crime" is why so many bad things happen in this world. Lying is (in most cases) not a crime. Does that mean it's okay to be a liar? No. We should strive to be as honest as we can. Sure, we might slip and lie from time to time, but we shouldn't go around defending liars or even promoting lying like it's a good thing. Saying pride this pride that. Nonsense. It's forgivable when it can't be helped, but when people actively commit the wrong thing, on purpose, it's disgusting and shouldn't be defended.

    Then again, I still think you're just dicking around playing the devil's advocate here, but if you're for real, God damn you need to learn about balance.
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    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    That's very muslim.
  6. Grank

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    I can't believe MadVader was a weeb otaku pedophile all along.
  7. Grank

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    No, but you can't say they are underage or that it's a crime to sleep with them.
    I'm not interested in this kind of mental gymnastic. It's the source of so many evil in the world.

    This whole argument only happened because you went super hard on your bias against conspiracy theory and used absolute statements all over the place, which is fresh to see because you're usually reasonable. :lol:
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Dodge this! :grin:
    The age of consent of a country doesn't magically make all of its citizens of that age able to make smart, moral or responsible decisions.

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    [Poll] Armor Crafting

    But it would be cool if we could customize and have a mix or verity as said elsewhere when viewing your recruited troops they should all look a bit inhomogeneous in style as it was in real life.
    Such feature would be extremely difficult to code, and even if you do manage to make it, it will have such performance burden that if the custom armor is used by many units, it will be problematic.
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    [Poll] Armor Crafting

    That's perfect. We don't really need fully customized pieces like with weapons. Making existing armors from the smithy is good enough.
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    What's on your mind?

    I've been wanting to try putting this little thought of mine into words, and this thread seems like a decent place to do that. The US has a bunch of ridiculous ****s going on in it that people from other parts of the world make fun of, like claiming to fight racism by being racist to white people, overhyping LGBT to the point of making people sick of hearing it, extreme feminism, etc. I'm not trying to argue about those ideas here. I just want to say that it's often left unsaid that the US is doing the world a huge favor by becoming a testing ground for these new ideas. New ideas often suck, and it takes time for the good ones to stick and be polished. All the ****s currently going on is simply the result of that "experiment."

    It's a painful process that needs to be done, and the US is braving the waters right on the very front. As other countries are catching up, they can use the events that have happened in the US as a reference to decide on which ideas to accept and which to reject, so thank you, Americans. I love you. I hope you remain in the front, and don't get taken over by cHiNa tHe nEw sUpErPoWeR. The next time you see me ****ting on you, just remember that deep down, I luv ya.
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    My thoughts about Mount&Blade

    What's funny is that you're posting this on the Bannerlords forums. It's completely fine if you haven't played Bannerlord. You can comment on the games you do have played, like Warband. No one would make fun of you, but if you're commenting on Bannerlord on the Bannerlord forums without even having played Bannerlord, you should've expected this kind of response.
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    Weather system & Dynamic map

    So basically people who aren't really interested in the actual game making a lot of important decisions about the game. A sort of focus group/consultant led process like the rest of modern media. That's the impression I've had for a while. You can virtually see it in the 'finished' product.

    When I first bought bannerlord I was under the impression that taleworlds was a small studio who were passionate about making a great pc game...
    Yes. That's why I said decision makers instead of managers. Because decisions are made by various people, but mostly non-engineers. Focus group, stake holders, designers, or even consultants. They think of devs more like the brick layers of the project. You don't ask brick layers for opinions.

    Taleworlds was a small studio. Then they scaled up for Bannerlord. When big money is involved, things move in a more rigid way. Imagine paying an expensive consultant and he told you to make this and that, only for the consumers, years later, to tell you that those decisions are dumb. You'll feel like you'll waste your money if you roll it back, so you just press on. Besides, "It was a professional's opinions. It can't be that bad."

    Disclaimer, this is just from my own experience. I'm not saying Taleworlds is like this. I don't work there. Maybe Taleworlds do have the same problems. Who knows? I'm sure you guys can make your own guesses based on the things you've seen.
  14. Grank

    Weather system & Dynamic map

    I'm forever baffled by things like this. How is it that that is achievable on a decade old engine by what is essentially a random (though skilled I'm sure) person with a computer; yet now with a superior engine, more advanced technology, and far greater resources, the actual game development company is not even considering trying to do it?

    I'm not even trying to be snarky it just makes no sense to me.
    Others have mentioned management, but I'll just try to explain just how bad it can really go. First of all, keep in mind that these decision makers are, most of the time, are not engineers. Managers who are former (competent) engineers are few. This means that the one making the decisions don't really know what's best for the product.

    Oftentimes the decision makers don't consult their engineers for their decision making, and base their ideas on "studies" and "data". Of course, studies are long and specific, and data is not the end of things. Context is very important, but that importance is often lost on people. For example, the decision for that whole console thing was probably decided purely from articles and data saying that all the successful games these days were designed for all platforms yada yada boom boom. They didn't fully consider the implications of that decision, resulting in blockers down the road, such as having to simplify the game's system to fit within the control scheme of a console.

    Such decision making often pisses off devs who actually care about the game. People will have to work on lame stuff, get bored/irritated, quit, and be replaced with new people. New people will see the boring design, don't get excited, and only do the bare minimum. If they do see the potential, they can't bring that idea upward because they're still new. They don't have that power yet.

    I'm not saying you must hate those decision makers. They work like that because they need to. It's easier to convince your boss to approve your design decisions when they're backed with studies and data. Big resource = big money = big risk. Still, people are often lazy with this kind of job. They don't consult their devs or properly study their sources. That's why things go wrong. Decision makers don't need to be super smart programmer/manager/designer/researcher hybrid. In a big company you'd have specialized people for those roles. You just need to call them and have a proper discussion.

    Now, you can tell that random people with a computer don't have the same restriction as these. They're not bound by big money or a boss. They can decide what they think is fun and just create them.
  15. Grank


    Most people remember this thread as the domain of the ancient dragon Jhessail. She took on all comers who questioned feminism in her own inimitable way of bullying intellectually inferior victims, preferably while being drunk for that extra offensive inspiration.
    The best fight was when she met her nemesis, Merlkir, and they fought until they both deleted their accounts in disgust. Of course they both reappeared at a later date.

    It was never about the content, but the drama.
    I love how how you posted the exact content I was looking for, despite me not saying that was my true intention for coming here.
  16. Grank


    Oh wow. 438 pages of discussions spanning almost 9 years. I'd be surprised if there's still something about feminism that hasn't been talked about in this thread.
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    Weather system & Dynamic map

    That's cool. Hoping to see the weather mod to develop with actual gameplay effects like slowed down movements or reduced arrow range.

    Yes, once again a (great) modder proves the supposedly impossible...
    [May Allah forgive me]
    Okay but why do you have to molest my eyes with this nipple twist gif?
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    What's on your mind?

    Sometimes the tower will turn on and the fans will run for maybe 30 seconds, but the screen never lights up or shows that the computer is doing anything, and then the tower will shut off. Other times you'll press the power button and the CPU fan will run for maybe 1 second before everything shuts off again.
    Have you tried cleaning the RAM? Gently rub the golden bit with an eraser. From my experience this kind of problem happens quite often, especially to old PCs that haven't been turned on for a long time, or just got reassembled. It's a free fix so I reckon it'd be worth a try. Don't give up after cleaning it once. It often takes a few rubbing to be properly clean.

    Any "beep" sound you might get can be helpful too. I haven't had a PC for almost a decade, but I know that older models have beep codes when they have hardware problems. You can look up the specific codes for your series on the Internet.
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    Easy Fixes can you do it?

    4 Easy Fixes You can o at Home! Taleworlds Hates It.
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