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  1. Are you going to close every suggestion thread "because TW's never going to do it"?

    Historically, suggestion forums are just that...suggestions, mostly to make the community feel good about having "a say". In my experience, the suggestions are rarely considered and even to a less degree implemented. I am not talking just about this forum, but all game forums I've been a member of. A suggestion among thousands might be "looked into" here and there and forumites get all excited and think they are being listened to, but it's usually just to keep the hopes alive.

    However, I do agree that suggestion forums are a source of inspiration/bug list for modders.
    very helpful advice!! I still wish they could "look" or "listen" I have a serious BIG issue about the game and ive seen many others share the same thought and... i dont know... i love the game i wish i could help... i mean, this is a big problem, not like "cavalry too weak", "need new armor", "bug to fix" i mean developers should listen but i just dont know what to do......................
  2. 我们需要成就感和参与感,而不是重复和枯燥的屠杀。

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