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  1. News:a chinese game copying M&B is around the corner

    I managed to get horses working... horses have same anims as warband too, also same meshes (slightly edited, and added some texture updates)
  2. News:a chinese game copying M&B is around the corner

    Intresting, though I think its only sold in china, and the chances of winning a court case over there is 0, and imagine the costs. Btw, the sounds could have not been really stolen, because as far as im aware their all licenced sounds from sites such as the original file...
  3. Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread

  4. Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread

    Well if you start insulting a administrator, you truly are asking for a ban on the shoutbox, which you got... If you instead of having some respect for people and act like a mature person, such a thing would not have happened... If you have a problem with a administrator or his/her decisions...
  5. Pride's Mod Revival Squad ["Romae Bellum" this week]

    Yeah... let's lock this then if you can't stay on topic.
  6. Pride's Mod Revival Squad ["Romae Bellum" this week]

    Can we keep it on topic guys? Your silly posts are not needed.
  7. Locking of the 51st V3

    You don't know when to give up do you? It's just a name, it was locked down due to all the trolling and the constant arguments over it. Last start-up regiment calling themselves the 51st ended up within 9 hours calling eachother names, trolling, telling eachother to kill themselves and so on...
  8. The corruption and dictatorship that is the Flying squirrel entertainment

    I understand your concern over this issue with the 51st regiment name. I feel very sorry this has gone this far and caused an uproar which was never our intention. Do know this was never done to give a prefered position or unfair bonus to the original 51st regiment, the only reason this was...
  9. # 92nd Regiment of Foot - Dolan Savile Highlanders #

    Don't troll and steal regiment names please. thanks.
  10. Vertex animations

    It's a new operation TW added in the engine for Sich their new Caribbean title, maybe mister Suvorov forgot to mention that detail.  :roll: Only way right now is still with vertex shaders.
  11. Can't add multiple items to troops in Napoleonic wars.

    All weapon assignments are run through a randomise script, weapons of the same type are randomised and one is selected, you have all big melee and firearms in one group, small 1 hand swords and stuff in another group, all hats are a group, all uniforms are a group, all pants are a group. This...
  12. Vertex animations

    No. Only with vertex shaders.
  13. Is the Complete Package of Mount and Blade Collection is save to Buy yet?

    Gratz and welcome to the community.
  14. Napoleonic Wars Source Code released.

    You are incorrect Amman. Maybe a Wikipedia page can explain it to you; In short, If you create something, you have the full saying over it, what happens to it, who sells it, who creates something else out of it or who uses it or parts of...
  15. This is it or I can do something about it? -Game performance

    What kind of ingame settings do you use? What kind of Nvidia control panel settings do you use? Go to the options button in the launcher, and set your Max FPS to 60.
  16. This is it or I can do something about it? -Game performance

    Post a Direct X Diag. Seems your GPU is mostly idle, which points to two possible problems, drivers or a cpu that is holding the game back.
  17. Australian Official Servers - Not Very Official

    Actually all things have been talked through. I did mention some of the things that had been happening that I do not want to see again, some things like advertising on each-other servers, posting porn on forums, etc etc. But in the end it is just horrible what has happened in the past, and the...
  18. Australian Official Servers - Not Very Official

    I actually had a talk in private with some important guys from each side. I think both have come to a mutual understanding and that this issue is fixed.
  19. Australian Official Servers - Not Very Official

    Shadowthorn, I absolutely agree with most of your points and that is exactly the message I wanted to bring across in the meeting. Especially this part is important: (in my own words this time) I don't care who did what, when and why. and how bad it is that this person did that, I care about the...