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  1. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Sword Blades Going through Grip

    Certain swords have this issue where the blade goes too far down, through the handle and whatnot. Another example is the "Fine Steel Long Kaskara"
  2. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege Gates Doubled- One Open, One Closed

    So this was quite the siege. The doors spawned doubled up like this and apparently the enemy couldnt/didnt want to get through, so then this happened as you see in the video.
  3. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Stuck in loop after peace treaty

    After making a peace treaty, this guy kept on trying to fight me, presumably because he was within engagement distance when we made it. There was no way out of it that I could find. Eventually i just reverted to an old save.
  4. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Indoor sounds playing outdoors

    Self-explanatory video. You can hear the echo-y sound of when you yell indoors even though I'm outside.
  5. vicwiz007

    How to Increase Relations with Lords?

    Derthert got pissed because I wanted to leave his horrible "10 gold per party killed :roll:" contract, bringing me down to -20 relation. In order to become a vassal, you need at least -10 relation. Has anyone found a reliable way to increase it? I thought it would be as simple as doing quests...
  6. vicwiz007

    Unsolved (Yet Another) Framerate Loss Video

    Yes I know everyone posting their performance issue bugs. This is the only issue I had that was actually uncharacteristic of the normal performance, so felt more like a bug than general performance issue.
  7. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Siege AI Pathfinding Failing

    Self explanatory videos. Really sad to see after watching the siege back in 2016 work so flawlessly :oops:
  8. vicwiz007

    Unsolved Wages Not Paid Bug

    Here you see I clearly have enough money, but it keeps saying wages arent being paid. It was happening very frequently around this time, but just stopped seemingly without reason.
  9. vicwiz007

    In Progress Wrong Dust Trail

    While I'm on this note, can dust trails please be tuned down? It's like a whirlwind behind anybody that moves.
  10. vicwiz007

    Reporting Identity Theft

    Hello dear forumgoers. Today I would like to report a serious case of identity theft which has just come to my attention. @Miklagaard has copied my signature in broad daylight. Not only does he not possess the true veteran badge which links to a very special song, but he had the balls to update...
  11. vicwiz007

    Trying to Fix Signature

    As you can see, my signature is obnoxiously large. All I want is to move the bottom "Veterans" badge to the right of the release date thing, because clearly there is room. I know how to get to the signature edit page but that's about it. No idea how to format it, as there's just these two images...
  12. vicwiz007

    Suggestion- Book of Grudges

    The idea came to me after seeing the latest blog. There will be so many characters, families, clans, etc that it may be hard to keep track of who has done what. It would be really nice if the game had an option to take notes on specific things (like characters) which have their own entry in...
  13. vicwiz007


    April fools from your friend Resonant vicwiz007 Calm Red
  14. vicwiz007

    Hitting Multiple People

    Maybe I am worrying about this too much because I've watched these dumb clips too many times, but I have to bring it up. To be blunt, I don't think this should be in the game at all. We've seen it in gameplay (albeit old), and while it does sound kinda cool to be able to cleave through multiple...
  15. vicwiz007

    How Will Raiding Work?

    This is both a question pertaining to Bannerlord and real history. Now we know that every settlement can be upgraded to have defensive structures; walls, castles, whatever. So then how will raiding work? In Warband it made sense that you just ransacked the dumb peasants and took all their stuff...
  16. vicwiz007

    Re-watching Old videos

    Here I go again rewatching every bannerlord video i can find. Just curious, how often do you guys watch Bannerlord videos / how many times have you rewatched them? Also, it would be really nice to have a video with the dev blogs. Even just a stupid skirmish battle if not a small video on the...
  17. vicwiz007

    Is Price Confirmed?

    If you go and look at Bannerlord on Greenmangaming and refresh the page, it says $50 for a split second... Sort of the price i expected. A small price to pay in my opinion! But is this official or not? Not sure why they would have that up.