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  1. Fietta

    [EU] Community's Best Players of the Decade

    The Community's Best Players of the Decade [EU] Overview Simply write your honest opinion on the top 10 players of the decade in each class and it will be added into the calculations for the 'Community Class List' below. The community list is a calculation of all the different...
  2. Fietta

    Fietta's Video Thread (Bannerlord Beta)

                      Silen Duel #1                 Chambers #1                         *\~....~/*                                
  3. Fietta

    [MP Discussion] Bannerlord Release Date - March 2020

    To all my competitive warband players, it's finally time to retire until bannerlord.
  4. Fietta

    Fietta's Star Points Reimagined

    Fietta's Current Star Players - Reimagined As we're now able to create lists - I've decided to continue on my WIP project. I'll be in need of some volunteers to get all of the information, though it shouldn't take too long. The whole point of this list is to use a 70 - 30 split based on...
  5. Fietta

    Bannerlord feinting leaked! opinions?
  6. Fietta

    List threads

    Not a list thread, but I'm wondering in 2019 why they're not allowed anymore? List threads are what originally caused discussion on the forum and it's been three years since we've ever had one, can we at least see how Arni's one pans out? Forum's practically dead, community need something to...
  7. Fietta

    Streamer mod

    Been asking around for a while but I don't have streamer mod does anyone have a link? I have an old one but it's broken. Much appreciated.
  8. Fietta

    Fietta's Star Points! - 2015

    Fietta's Current 2015 Star Players Decided to reupload because no one asked and you can see how much you've improved! Half the icons are broken but I will fix an tomorrow. THESE ARE NOT CURRENT AND IS JUST MEME STOP You asked for it! This list is opinionated, suggestions are welcome...
  9. Fietta

    6v6 mode, multiple lives?

    ANSWERS: Here's more information on the multiplayer side and would like some opinions. Main points: WILL WE STILL BE ABLE TO CHOOSE WHAT SERVER WE JOIN, OR WILL IT BE PICKED FOR US? WHAT KIND OF GAME MODES...
  10. Fietta


    Will Inverse attack direction be a thing?, cheers. I would want it xx
  11. Fietta

    Wales Withdraw

    Wales will be withdrawing, not because of the losses but because of the lack of self motivation from players and also I'm going to be away for three weeks (didn't expect 3 weeks of NC to be extended to 3 months) and I know no one will take my place in attempting to get scrims and officials. That...
  12. Fietta

    [NC 17] Wales

                                  LittleT            Steam Monopolish            Steam Infantry: Arsi, Bassindale, Dave, Fietta, Malcky, OTG Archer: Aeronwen, Chaff, Leroy, Supernova Cavalry: Bassindale, Fietta, Monopolish, Vulcan, Sam Thanks Tallie for the...
  13. Fietta

    2017 Giveaway! AAA title!

    I'm taking you through a journey... 2016 has been a wild year for a lot of us. Being in this community a couple of years has given me a deep insight into the community. I thought I'd share a couple of stories during my time on warband and to give (hopefully) you all a different perspective of...
  14. Fietta

    [ECS3] Referee Thread

    REFEREE THREAD FINAL STAGE GROUP A MatchTq vs aD Date29/5/16 - Sunday Time19:30BST Referee??? GROUP B MatchUnity vs DGNR Date29/5/16 - Sunday Time19:30BST Referee??? GROUP B MatchIG vs DoF Date29/5/16 - Sunday Time19:30BST Referee??? GROUP C...
  15. Fietta

    Rate the Clarkson above ^^^

    Nice little forum bantor, rate the forum Clarkson avatar above /10.
  16. Fietta

    Who's idea was this?

    Fietta here going to rant, don't care if you delete this thread just take it into consideration. What admins stupid idea was it to give the default wins?, are you moron?. How do you remotely think this is fair?, Arys had blue javelins, he owned up to using these textures through week 1 and week...
  17. Fietta

    Fietta's Inverse Thread

    Fietta's Inverse Videos Hello, Inverse Guru Fietta Here, You're probably either going to comment 'Oi I thought u left' I did say however I'll come on ludus from time to time and I do, please comment face palms and any other sorts of arrogant comments, I have to keep up the Inverse master race...
  18. Fietta


    I have no idea why I'm even posting this. Just in-case people are concerned. Due to something happening, I will not be playing Warband, I'll pop on ludus for a stupidly small amount but this is it (probably the main reason I'm posting this is because I'm a so called 'forum warrior' ;D) well...
  19. Fietta

    Freelancers (Tournament Team)

    Leader Napoleon Menethil Rempica Regular Achto Bauglir Faramir Fietta Firunien Grenade PriNce17 Shingen SifoN Tirtil Vivar Zoyka [center] Teamleadership: Leader: Napoleon Co-Leader(s): Menethil, Rempica Contacts: Match organizers: Napoleon...
  20. Fietta

    Frozen - Let It Go - Song - M&B Hate Parody Lyrics. - Original Song The hate comes hard on the body tonight Not a compliment to be seen A kingdom of insolency, And it looks like he's the king. The hate is howling like this swirling game inside Couldn't keep tears in, Lust knows I've tried! Don't let...