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  1. Fietta

    What is the leveling system in MP for?

    I believe they're planning an MMR system towards the end of EA - they've also got 'ranked' as a planned feature, though I don't think there's an ETA for that though...
  2. Fietta

    To many whining kids

    Pretty sure TW have around 80 - 100 and not over 150. There's also a major difference between developing your own engine and using UE4 or Unity, far more time and effort is involved. The difference is, these companies are able to pump out games (like the total war series) because most of the...
  3. Fietta

    Is there an MMR system?

    It's complicated. I believe limiting queues isn't such a bad idea for now, friends could easily queue in two groups of three (at the same time, like you'd usually do) and nine times out of ten, get in the same matches (it's still a queue, you're not plucked based on MMR). Not only could you be...
  4. Fietta

    Unsolved Influence glitch

    Calm down, temporary solutions are welcome, let's stop bickering and wait for the techincal support team.
  5. Fietta

    Suggestion: Replace the class system with something that's actually fun.

    I think the class system was heavily inspired by Napoleonic Wars, I'm pretty sure one of the main MP devs loves Napoleonic Wars.
  6. Fietta


    It seems some of this feedback is also suitable from a competitive standpoint.
  7. Fietta

    Tips For Newbie

    Hey, I'm currently collecting videos and threads for all sorts of Bannerlord tips, tutorials, how tos etc. So once that's up and pinned I'll let you know - for now, a good video is the one below: It goes extremely in-depth so you can go and master the combat as you wish, it's awfully...
  8. Fietta

    [WNL8] Livestreams

    Nice video, though I'm surprised you play with bloom and environmental shadows, just makes everything harder.
  9. Fietta

    Roaming Cavalry Company [RCC] [NA] (Camel gang)

    How can I down vote 'Competitive Manager'... Goodluck darlings
  10. Fietta

    Bans for in-game chat

    Alright, that's enough, this isn't the place to discuss politics, I've already given my answer. Locking the thread.
  11. Fietta

    Bans for in-game chat

    People have been banned inside the game (I believe) for hate speech, and I'm sure for official servers it'll stay that way. How it's managed now? I'm unsure, but people have indeed been punished for their actions. They may not have a definitive process right now (it seems), but it will come.
  12. Fietta

    Bans for in-game chat

    Hate speech is never tolerated here.
  13. Fietta

    Is there an MMR system?

    Yeah I can see that, good point.
  14. Fietta

    Is there an MMR system?

    Yes, limiting groups is an easy fix, it kinda worked before, it can work now. Pretty sure that feature has been implemented (since it was there in the beta), turn that sucker on and you're good to go.
  15. Fietta

    Is there an MMR system?

    Well, the leveling is clearly a placeholder. Since there's no ranked, theres no real need for MMR at the moment, it's best to work on other issues before that comes around. If leveling provided some sort of benefit, then sure, an MMR system right now could work, but at the moment leveling is...
  16. Fietta

    Is there an MMR system?

    I'm sure there will be MMR and a ranked system in the future, but there's more pressing issues and features that should have priority, regardless of how simple MMR implementation is.
  17. Fietta

    Dedicated Server Software?

    Not as of yet, at a later date though.
  18. Fietta

    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    MP is being developed on, even if it's at a slower rate but hopefully they can flesh out SP so then the development for MP can be speedy.
  19. Fietta

    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    On the other hand, a lot of the negative reviews are due to crashes and bugs, there's proof of that as on release BL had around 89% positive reviews and dropped to 82% after a couple of days, now after quick crash and bug fixes, the reviews have stabilised at around 83%. Having 83% for an EA...