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  1. John Felton

    Дизайн интерфейса || Interface design

    I find it decent. But it lacks the "medieval" feel of Warband mods, with all those translucent tooltips and such. At least based on last year's info.

    मुझे वह ठीक-ठाक ही लगा। लेकिन उसमें "मध्यकालीन" भाव वाली बात नहीं है जो वारबॅन्ड की कृतियों में थी। कम से कम पिछले साल की जानकारी के हिसाब से तो ऐसा ही लगता है। :razz:
  2. John Felton

    Do you think the number of countries is enough? & We can't buy a house...

    Buying a house and living as a townie would've been amazing...if the game was fleshed out to actually do that. Things like taking part in city life, daily home life, working and professions, building a family and dealing with local petty politics and so on...sounds awesome. But M&B doesn't touch those topics beyond dealing with guilds, a few characters and the new street thugs system. M&B is about macro-level play.

    Might wanna try out Guild 2: Renaissance for that, until another game manages to do it right. :wink:

    That said, India and China were gigantic imperial civilzations in this era, so they would be really interesting as influence for two off-map civilizations who provide goods and premium mercenary soldiers to anyone who is willing to pay lots of money. They could have a trade post at the far eastern edge of the map - in Aserai and Khuzait starting territory respectively.

    India-based civilization would provide war elephants and spices for trade, China-based civilization would provide early hand cannoneers and silk for trade. Both could also give out loans of gold and money to lords, and sell special Indian/Chinese arms and armour for any rich powerful player.

    Maybe even make an appearance as full civs in some later M&B game. But for now, they are better off as off-map influences. :smile:
  3. John Felton

    Dev Blog 06/09/18

    My question is, what language was the engine programmed with? Is it the same programming language as with M&B and Warband?

    Which language do the devs find most comfortable to work with? :smile:
  4. John Felton

    Do you want to be able to create a family?

    I absolutely do want for a family. Been asking for it around other communities for years. :grin:

    I have thought of many things, but I always reached the conclusion that Taleworlds will most likely never implement a family system as complex as Crusader Kings 2. Nor will they allow you to actively engage in battle as a pregnant lady, or implement the crude baby-making system from Brytenwalda.

    So I thought of a better way to handle the family management.

    Retirement and Settling Down

    Retirement is pretty pointless in earlier games. All you get to see is your score (which assigned you a random rank) and the quit screen.

    My suggestion  - drastically improve this thing and integrate it with the family system. Make it worthwhile - and this is exactly where you'll be having kids.

    How it works:

    Basically, when you have done your time of adventuring, you should retire and "settle down" for some calm life with family.

    Since this is perma-death mode, you should be retiring when you are safe enough anyway.

    This will end the game map and instead lead you to a menu-based part of the game. Here you will see:

    • Your family tree, whether it consists of only you or more
    • Your retainers and companions
    • Probably your inventory stuff
    • Your relations with factions and people
    • All kinds of interactions and things you can do in this calm time
    • All kinds of management stuff including finances, household and such

    Here, the game turns into something of a management game but it is much less work for Taleworlds implementing it this way. You have to manage your family, dynasty, household, finances, estates (which you probably bought in cities during adventure time) and if you are a lord, passively run your actual fiefs.

    The Passive Gameplay

    The game will keep note of your previous relations with factions and lords, and your karma. And the game will display an overview map of Calradia (similar to the one you see in Warband mods like Floris) where invasions, treaties and peace will still happen like usual, only autocalculated and less demanding on PC.

    If you have married a lady/lord in the game, he/she will appear in your family. If not, you will have an option to seek a low-class spouse based on your rank (assigned by your retirement score like in Warband).

    During this time, the game will either be turn based or real time like in Paradox games. I suggest turn-based, because this is much simpler to implement. Each turn should count as one season (so 4 turns a year?).

    Every turn there will be a random event to keep things interesting, and also because Calradia is a violent, volatile place. These will be like event chains in Paradox games especially CK2. Events will be based on your stats, social status and the like. Things like:

    • You were permanently injured in a riding accident and lost XYZ stat.
    • You were arrested by the bailiff of Pravend for begging.
    • Sultanate of ABC declared war on Kingdom of DEF
    • Your harvest was stolen by the bandits.
    • You found a hidden cache of gold.
    • Lord NameSurname visited you, increasing relations.
    • Wedding feast is being held for the wedding of Khan HorseShagger's of Khuzait Khanate's daughter, you are invited.
    • Family member/Companion named XYZ died of pox.
    • You were slandered by House [rival name here] and lost bid to a new fief.
    • Diplomat from [faction] has arrived, asking for an alliance, what say you my king?

    And hundreds other things I could imagine.

    Each of these events would be a chain, with different outcomes possible and such. It is here that you also court a spouse or lose them if you hadn't already done that in adventure mode. And during these events anything can happen, from losing a child, your spouse, a companion, gaining new bonuses or items, anything you can think of.

    Once you are married, you will have an option to have kids with your spouse. :wink: They will spawn in your family tree. There should be a limit to how many times a person can try for kids, with a lot of failure chance and increasing risk of lady dying in childbirth unless she is at high level.

    Your companions may also marry and have kids of their own, or might leave. Or you can even marry them from this part of the game.


    Once a certain amount of turns and years have passed, infants will turn into children and teenagers.

    At this point they can be assigned to either study with certain people (very costly) or not. This part is something I have yet to think out properly. Education is rare in Calradia. And if you retire poor, you'll not gain anything


    Your kids will grow into adults around 16-18, and that is where you can leave your retirement, and return to adventuring i.e. the main map and the game.

    When you return from retirement, you are presented with the family tree screen. You choose one character (either your old, aging dude or one of your kids or brothers) as your main player character.

    And then the normal game resumes. Only that you start with some stuff based on how the older dude retired:

    - You should be able to pass a few items from the old character to the newer one unless it is the same guy. Things like trusty old sword passing from father to son, and so on.

    - If you retired as a lord, when you resume the game you should actually start with some troops and a fief at least.

    - If you retired as a king, you are essentially starting a prince/princess unless your father (the old character) died. But you will still have to work your way around because lords will not respect you.

    - You may retire as a city-dwelling affluent middle-class person, and restart as their kid as an educated merchant with his own horse.

    - If you retired as a poor beggar, you will essentially restart off as some hick in the forest or a steppe tribal, or a drifter in the desert. All you'll probably start with is some sword and probably a bow.

    You may also be able to bring your old character back as an adventurer again, provided they have no grave injury and disease, and that their stats and age are alright. And any old companions or their sons can later be brought with you too, if your relations were strong.

    Also, because so many years have passed, other lords may also have aged up and have had children in the background. You may see a new king on the throne of other nations (or your own as a lord), you will encounter new randomly generated lords and ladies from their dynasties ruling in their place. You may even encounter your former companions hanging around as old people, if they had left you.

    New randomly generated people will be there to act as companions again. How this will even work, I don't know.

    The entire thing repeats with the new character. You retire,


    So this is just a prototype though, nothing more, but I think it can work. :razz:

    TL;DR: Having kids and making a family happens off-screen when you retire, and then bring the kids and family members back as new players back to main game.

    It enhances the RPG side of M&B, without having to animate/code/work on female pregnancy, lovemaking and such.

    Plus, it can lead to a long game that spans generations and spawn many great men, and a great fun for the player.

    What are your suggestions?
  5. John Felton

    1257AD, source code

    Thank you very much for this. I've been playing this mod since the earliest releases, and it remains my most favourite mod for Warband ever.

    Hope you guys come back for more awesomeness with Bannerlord.
  6. John Felton


    That's sad. Thank you, I will try redownloading the mod and see what happens...

    Is the torrent going to be reuploaded anytime, considering it is dead? That would be a great help for downloading. :smile:
  7. John Felton

    Diplomacy 4.3 + OSP 2.0 (It is ALIVE!)

    And where should I download this version?
  8. John Felton

    Automated Mod List - Instructions inside [BETA] - BIG RELAUNCH! - 500 mods!

    Still doesn't seem to be working. I have Javascript enabled, of course.
  9. John Felton


    I am having an error during installation of the mod, 2.54 version.

    I downloaded the mod from the Introductions/Download thread, the full installer. The torrent link is dead, so it took me days to download the mod (since I have a slow connection these days).

    When I try to install the Expanded version, an error comes up halfway, naming a file and saying "An error occurred when trying to copy a file: the source file is corrupted". Same error comes up around 6-7 times again during the installation. I have no choice but to ignore them, as retrying doesn't help and I don't wish to abort.

    Now when I try to launch the mod there is an error. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling almost 5 times in a row, nothing changed. Same installation problems occur with "Gameplay" version as well, but at least it runs.

    My game is fully updated, of course. Is that causing a problem? Was this mod built for earlier versions? All other mods, and their installers if present, work fine so far. All, except this one.

    Can anyone help me on this? What am I doing wrong?
  10. John Felton

    Just Realized

    I was surprised when in 2011 I found out that you can press and hold F1 key to put a flag for ordering troops to go somewhere. Very handy option for my large armies.
  11. John Felton

    Riding sheep

    Sheep cavalry? Now THAT is something amazing. Pics please! :grin:
  12. John Felton

    The Guild 3 - Early access

    By the Gods, I really want this game. :eek:

    But hopefully they'll take time and develop it carefully, so that it is not the big mess that Guild II was at release.

    Nothing better than playing a cutthroat robber and murderer whose son is the city judge, and brother the guard commander. :wink:
  13. John Felton

    Are you a fan of Akira Kurosawa films? / Recommended films for the Era?

    Ran and Kagemusha are my all-time favorite Sengoku movies, although I love Goyokin, the Hidden Blade and Lone Wolf and Cub too. :razz:

    One movie I am planning to watch some day is Sanjuro.
  14. John Felton

    Most unstable mod I have ever used. *HORRIBLE MOD*

    FuzZyModz said:
    This is by far the most unstable and horrible mod..

    It crashes as soon as you start the game, apparently for others it crashes while in game alot...

    This is just a horrible mod with a dev team who does not help people solve the issues or even bothers to fix them.

    Edit: The dev team should be ashamed of themselves

    Ooh...what a bashing you did there.


    Go upgrade your PC then, boy, before you go on and blame the developers for the crashes caused by your own rusting machine. Or play some other mod, one which supports the PCs that were built in the '90s. Oh wait, there is none.

    P.S. I love Shogun II Total War, but couldn't help with the meme. I was going to post another meme, but this one fitted better. :razz:
  15. John Felton

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Will there be any new clans? For example, the Ito, the Murakami, and all those minor clans that grow in power if you leave them alone in Shogun II? :grin:

    Secondly, I think Teppo troops are still main combat troops. While I agree with the notion that in this period, warfare was beginning to change in Japan, it was changing slowly and NO DAIMYO had so many gunners at his disposal. When compared to the real ratio of the troops, it turns out to be a mass gunfight (not seen until 2 centuries later) rather than a war of the Samurai.
  16. John Felton

    Games similar to Warband?

    smothdude said:
    The Total War games, not completely similar and more tactical :wink:

    Total Wars are far more realistic and better than M&B games, only drawback is that you don't control a single man. But in general, they are much better. Can't wait for Rome II. :smile:

    There is War of the Roses, but it is only for multiplayer and has no single-player gameplay.

    There is probably Chivalry or some mod for some game named like that. But it is more fantasy-oriented.

    There might be more, although I can't recall them.
  17. John Felton

    [BUGS] Freelancer 1.5

    I am having a problem rescuing a lord. And this is not in a mission. :sad:

    I was serving under Count Klargus as a Man-at-Arms, and was just a day behind receiving my final promotion to a knight. But then suddenly a Nord Jarl with larger army appeared and defeated Klargus in battle. Both me and Klargus were taken prisoner, and that Jarl started rushing towards his castle. I escaped halfway and followed him. He reached his castle, and I immediately went to a neighbouring village in the evening and told the elder to start that big fire. At midnight I went in the castle, found the dungeon guard and killed him. Then I told Klargus to stay behind me.

    As soon as I moved out of the dungeon, Klargus started weirdly moving towards the rear. No command to follow, charge or stay worked on him.

    I killed an enemy soldier who came my way, but my health was very low. In the meantime, Klargus disappeared somewhere. I searched for him, he was moving towards a tower when I last saw him. And then I went inside that tower, searched for him on the two floors where a scream was coming from. And as soon as I came to the top floor, it was Klargus who hit me with a full head-on attack as if I was an enemy!

    I mean, WTF?! I am killed by the lord I am trying to rescue? I never encountered this bug in Native. It seems to me like a script has gone problematic, or probably a coding error, since I have a perfectly working game with latest update, and all other mods work fine too.

    Is Klargus insane or something? :lol:

    And after that BAM he gave on my head, I was imprisoned in the castle. He too lives in the dungeon, which is his own fault. I ragequitted the game.
  18. John Felton

    HEGEMONY 268 B.C. To be released for Warband

    Dean Beecham said:
    Its June, :wink:

    And now it is near the end of June. :wink:
  19. John Felton

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    SRACon17 said:
    AFAIK some clans like the Oda under Nobunaga actually spammed gunners during that period. if you go out and fight against different clans, you'll see that some clans favor bows like the Miyoshi and Chosokabe clans, while some clans favor teppos like the Oda and Tokugawa clans. you can see the list of which clan favors which weapon in the gekokujo-units.png file inside the mod's folder under Modules.

    Ashigaru are much more common than Samurai, so in what way can you make an ill-trained group into an effective force? by giving them guns :grin: Matchlock armed ashigaru actually changed the tactics used in battle, as samurai can no longer fight as individuals since they can die as easily as the common sodier.

    Aye, I agree. Oda Nobunaga used a lot of Teppo soldiers. He invented rank fire ability, at the same time when guns were becoming common in Europe.

    But as it turns out in the mod, armies have more gunners than a Napoleonic army in M&B. I was fighting an army of 154 soldiers today, and it turned out that about 100 of them are gunners. That is not realistic at all. There should be archers, archers and more archers. And about 100 of a 150-strong army should be melee troops, only the rest of them would be cavalry. :smile:

    Even gunners shouldn't be this powerful. Gunners were very vulnerable to anyone who got in hand to hand combat with them, and could never win with horsemen when they were close. But in the mod they simply switch to their Tachi swords and massacre the horsemen.

    I wish there were deployable bamboo-barriers for gunners like in Shogun II. Gunners in this era were defensive specialized units meant to be kept out of melee. Unlike what shown in the mod, where gunners are the main troops. :lol:

    The deployable bamboo walls from Shogun II:
  20. John Felton

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    I tried the mod, and I find it great! It is so much fun to first fight a battle in Shogun II and then in this mod. :razz:

    However, I do have some friendly suggestions to the dear developer, some changes which I would definitely like to see in the game:

    - Gunners during Sengoku Jidai era were not so common as depicted in the mod. If there is an army of 150, only 10 or 20 at best would be gunners in it. But here, it turns out that gunners make 75% of an army. I suggest you make them rare, as a top level troop. And to save slots, make just two units of gunners: Teppo Ashigaru and Teppo Samurai. Gunners, again, should be either removed or made extremely rare. :smile:

    - Music is nice, but I would suggest adding the music from the period. I have a lot of music files about that period, but they are mostly from Shogun II - Total War and Shogun - Total War (the first game in TW series). When I turn off the music and instead play those files, it turns out much more immersive and realistic. :razz:

    - Make Katana sharper and more realistic, it feels more like a metal club than a sword. It does it's job for now, but better can be done.

    Just friendly suggestions...
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