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  1. tanglebones

    Something to Consider

    Are there any plans in the works for battle map save/load custom formations? Allowing your troops to form up into a predetermined formation that could potentially be a one click solution per battle, thus doing away with the routine dozen or more seperate F-key commands that we have now. Also...
  2. tanglebones

    Resolved Beta 1.4.1 - Player and ally parties enter combat stance after completing quest >> Lord Needs Horses.

    Summary: I took on the Lord Needs Horses quest from Ingalther of the Valandians, of which I am also a vassal, making us allies. Upon returning to him and completing the quest the game then puts us both into combat stance as though we are enemies. For the record, I already had the 10 saddle...
  3. tanglebones

    Resolved Troop Sound Bug/Glitch

    Summary: It may be worth pointing out that upon discovering the hyperventilating NPC whilst in downed spectator mode, my FPS steadily declined from a solid 60FPS (Full VSync) to around 35/40FPS. Steam FPS Counter is bearly visible at bottom left. With ingame audio settings, I'm using Medium...
  4. tanglebones

    Multiplayer Connection Issue

    The map Saxon Fort (Conquest mode) fails to properly connect me. It's tricky to explain so I made a short vid to demonstrate. It basically doesn't allow me to select anything. Stuck in a loop and unable to disconnect I'm forced to alt+tab and end process. When the map is in progress or the...
  5. tanglebones

    Quest Bug (Dopplegangers and other)

    I see some guys are having this issue with dopplegangers. I happened across this bug while on the quest Follow the Spy to Meeting. I took on the quest at Ribe and tracked the spy to Heida By, then entered the village. There are some problems with the interaction menu once you enter the village...
  6. tanglebones

    RGL Error

    Hi, I keep receiving this error when trying to load a saved game. RGL ERROR Load Error: Number of info_pages in file 10, exceeds 8 Running 1.165 Some info: It began after completing the storyline quest where you meet with the fleet and have to persuade the Aquitaine forces to side with the...
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