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  1. Wojciech Bator

    Plan for Mac(m1)

    That's a separate architecture, small chance I'd say. Linux would be more realistic.
  2. Wojciech Bator

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.5

    I mean the devs are the only people here that provide us with some infos here and there. Which really isn´t their job but it´s much appreciated.

    I think it works the way that Community Support focuses on gathering the stuff and reports for the devs in the dedicated threads and given that the feedback from community is huge, they are doing well, looking at this forums. IMO, what we lack is the roadmaps with prioritization info, so that we know that BTS should enter before orders of battle or whatever and know what to expect.

    From time to time we get the future plans or aggregate video and it's good, but it's a general overview with like 10 promises that will be delivered later than sooner. Also, TW could share feature branches with small chunk of willing to test community, but this is risky of getting accused of using the community for free. Not so easy to choose appropriate strategy, speaking as a dev myself. Their beta branch is again kinda aggregating these things and a safe solution with already tested things. I believe it is tested before released, despite what one may say.
  3. Wojciech Bator

    Party Management Screen: Filter and Sort Options

    Amazing idea of filtering! I'd also add Text Search for quick filtering the troops AND items (e.g. in shops or inventory) for a full text search matching ones. I find it annoying to always scroll through the stuff, even with current groups of gear etc. Both filters and search is a typical feature of modern apps and a big QoL improvement.
  4. Wojciech Bator

    Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    Yes. Of course we do want more complex features. More QoL features, like party screen enhancements, so you save upgrade preferences and an option to one click it, better and more complex quests, more art, more scenes, BTS, more realistic combat. More engagement from the game in a nutshell :smile: For a complex things, maybe some more fine grained diplomacy, sending envoys with messages. Working siege towers, maybe a freelancer-like game experience, start as a noble with castle, etc. It's a sandbox game and it's a trap for devs - there's a huge amount of things to be done so that the game feels alive, natural and fun to play. Right now it's a kinda love-hate relationship with emphasis on hate.
  5. Wojciech Bator

    Metal, metal, metal

    I'm providing you with a few more :smile:
    Singularity I: Edge of the Horizon

    People have always dreamed. Civilization has progressed and it has made it possible to achieve the impossible. Highly advanced humanity has embarked on a bold plan to explore the supermassive black hole. This is the first part of their story.

    Singularity II: Reborn

    The dream continues to come true as the crew approaches the black hole. Will they find answers there? Or maybe people will never stop looking? Witness the grand finale of this epic journey!

  6. Wojciech Bator

    Chamber blocking is non-functional

    I think that chambering could be easier if the attack direction changes in a fluid manner (with mouse, like in KCD), I think there's even a mod for it. That would probably break a thing or two and surely alter the combat feeling, but it could help with chambering, at least with picking the counter attack direction. TBH, I always wanted more fluid combat in M&B, both for blocking and attacking. I know it's more about the animation itself, but maybe it would ease up the direction part and reduce timing complexity. I think of the scenario, when players are approaching, attacker feints, changes direction, attacks, defender must do a quick block, pick a right direction and counter attack with perfect timing. Maybe switching attack directions just by mouse could allow defender to react faster on direction and focus more on timing to do a proper chamber. I guess I'd need to test this more with the mod and without, right now I'm just wondering.
  7. Wojciech Bator

    My final verdict

    M&B Bannerlord is a sad story. I was with M&B since like 2016 and 1866 western mod. I guess I'm not the only one that found out the series thanks to mods, it's probably the case for majority of fans. The broken promises of delivering the game in 2016, 17, 18 etc, good promotional materials that cheated the reality a bit (they promised things in 2016 that are not yet in the game, mid 2021), it all casted a shadow, but I gave it a shot and bought an early access. Of course we know how it works and how it does not. I've seen their code quality in an open letter points, I slowly realized that there's no chance of getting this game in good shape, it will forever be a mess, patched by a great modders community, real die-hard fans. Now I hear they work on space game and I know it's the end for me, I won't buy anything more from them.

    I feel kinda sorry for MostBlunted, he was caring a lot, tried to point out broken things, sometimes in not polite way, but the thing is - he was mostly right about the state of the game. I regret buying it, wasting time, giving chances every patch and I give up. The thrill is gone for me, seeing it's progress, well maybe in 1.6 they will give us some thing promised back in 2017, then break 10 other things. The whole app feels like it's a tightly coupled crap software. New patch? All mods are not compatible. Some real in-game modding tool that will still load them and not crash the whole app? Nope. Some lore, good narrative? Nope, most of us could write a better story, now it's like - gain renown, meet lords, ask about the battle, assemble dragon banner, how sublime. I think their hype train was long and we expected too much. The game, in all honesty, is now like 5/10 for nice battles, but empty, lacking world and lackluster plot. I think it would get to an honest 6/10 when it's officially released but that's all. Missed chance for the greatest medieval experience and it's a shame.

    Having said all of this, I'm 100% sure that even though TW is not doing well with the core game, thanks to mods and modders, I'll some day be back due to mods. Funny, but not.
  8. Wojciech Bator

    Metal, metal, metal

    I'm back with yet another metal song, this time it's a fruit of my new axe :grin: Let me introduce:

    Have fun, consider ringing that subscribe bell and do not hesitate to write a few words of feedback!
  9. Wojciech Bator

    Metal, metal, metal

    It reminds me of scale the summit and chimp spanner together, could use some work in some places but I think you have a promising future. Nice one.
    I just checked the Scale the summit, Blue Sun is a sick song, but I like it a lot :smile:

    Being compared to the professional guys is always very nice, thank you! A lot of things to learn, but I constantly discover new things as a producer and recently upgraded my hardware so to speak.

    Next time we will go for a cosmos journey, april/may.
  10. Wojciech Bator

    Metal, metal, metal

    Well, necromancing this thread. I actually produced a metal song recently and wanted to share with You guys, warning: Progressive Instrumental Metal shieeeet :wink: For a curous ones, I've done music, guitars, keyboards and production.

  11. Wojciech Bator

    Post music that you have composed!

    Hi, on monday I released my solo debut - single The Nightingale. The bird is a metaphor for a change. It heralds the day singing late at night. Enjoy and let me know what do You think! :smile:

  12. Wojciech Bator

    B Musket Era Other American Frontier

    The setting is really promising. Of any Wild West mods, they made them too late for natives to count for something. 1840 on southwest was the time, where Great Comanche Raid occured, Apaches provided resistance and guerilla and Comanches frequently raided Mexico. It was before epidemic waves.

    Fingers crossed, love it!
  13. Wojciech Bator

    Development Update #5

    I actually like ALT/LMB and don't mind if they incorporate things that were published as mods before, I'd also work on diplomacy, lord strategic conversation, better time - like (add 1-2 more campaign map speed options, like X8 and X12 time speed up, as current fastest is quite slow) and realistic weapons collisions - the swords, axes should bounce off from heavy armor, not cut through model, I think I used such mod in previous version, alliances between kingdoms.

    Speaking of scenes, models, I think even redoing some already existing armors and giving them a bit life, or variety, belts, accessories, horns and release it as separate armors would be a great addon, not to mention armor customization with such props - that would be perfect. Troops are distinguishable between factions, but they look kinda similar. As of scenes, they slowly, but surely introduce one after another, I guess they have a decent testing pipeline, that's why it may take them so long. Village, castle and town clones are a bit painful, but I'm sure they know it and will add more variety.

    I think they may incorporate some of the best and most accurate models and scenes from the incoming modding tools competition - this event is a 10/10 idea, congratulations TaleWorlds. Besides of great content to come, this will push forward modding scene a lot. I think in 2021 the game will really be something and the great mods will pop out, from Star Wars through LoTR, GoT, Witcher, Japan, Western, Middle East, Medieval world to native enhancements :smile:
  14. Wojciech Bator

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.1

    Hey, I'm doing a comeback to Bannerlord beta after like .2 or .3 minor versions. I have to say, the 1.5.1 is a very good job overall. I'll start with positives:
    + nice to see new armors and more diverse items in general, this is a lot of fun! Keep it up and extend the armory, weaponry, scenes and art
    + the performance is fantastic. I'm on GTX 970 + Ryzen 3600 + 16 GB RAM and the battles are totally fluid, great job and kudos to engine team. The little drawback is campaign map which will be covered later in this post
    + the new politics and diplomacy tweaks really stopped Khuzait snowballing, I was even seeing North Empire taking over Bhalkatand or whatever Khuzait city it is on snow, it seems to do well.
    + Fighting is great and animations are more responsive, if I could suggest you something even better TW, then take a look here:
    https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/983 <- battle feels great with better collisions, I'm sure You're working on this
    Plus cut through multiple enemies mechanism in reasonable amount
    Aaaand :grin: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/400
    + Quick dialogues work great, that's an improvement. Also, please consider implementing something like these (they are real quality of experience improvements):
    + Death now works ...
    - But it's too frequent, I know it's a kinda brutal game option, but still you may consider tweaking a bit. I fought some lords and it was like 5 battles, 4 dead enemy lords, ouch :smile:
    - I can't really talk with lords about other things, only Nevermind option (probably in progress)
    - Other clan parties management - please consider ordering my companies parties to some point, there's a good mod (not compatible now) that allows doing such a things
    - Campaign map is lagging, it seems that on Tick process it hangs for a moment and I'm pretty sure You have some ongoing process under the hood that is hard to find and is doing this crap. Maybe some async is not handled properly or You do too much of calculations, which you could reduce a bit, I can only guess. Good luck with this

    I'm impressed in overall quality gain since like 1.3 and keep fingers crossed for you guys. I saw also multiplayer improvements and will certainly test it out and give feedback.
  15. Wojciech Bator

    Hunting, Harvesting...

    Bannerlord is not about crafting things (besides of swords), but I'm 100% for adding hunting mechanism. Either by deer/boar parties on map :grin: or, I think, better solution - when setting the camp somewhere (camp mechanics need to be added so the army heals faster) you should set up the camp and have the option in UI to go for hunting in the local area. Then, when (better scouting means bigger chance of spotting something) you spot some animals, you may enter scene and hunt. Animals would route to the end of map. I think 1866 mod for M&B has done this pretty well on it's own. Bannerlord could do better with camping mechanism. Obtaining the food should not be done solely by raiding or buying in cities, one should have possibility to send gatherers or hunt, as that would increase immersion.
  16. Wojciech Bator

    Suggestion: Bandit Fights Dialogue

    agreed, why do we have to click through the same chat. Straight to the fight/leave screen. Same with captured lords - why not combine them all in single scene and just click through them one by one, but without reloading scene?
  17. Wojciech Bator

    Battle Scenes

    Recently I replayed Kingdom Come and one thing that strikes me is how unrealistic and just dull Bannerlord scenes feels compared to KCD world. I know it's a bit unfair as KCD world is crafted, but my point is not to blame, but to emphasize one important thing. KCD looks convincing and immersive, because the world feels more natural, the meadows, forests, paths, landscapes. One of biggest issues in Bannerlord scenes is that they are seemingly unnatural - the borders are just random stupid hills (do some fake, nice looking forest with stream or lake for a borders, maybe some low res castle or village far away) and the scene itself is too obviously procedurally generated for a battle. Please Taleworlds, make it a bit more more lifelike, more spacey, more diverse, of course it's nice to have plains scene, but let it be a bit more variadic, with some trees here and there.

    The second point is lightning (that's not scenes issue). It's average and can be adjusted - of course modders will do good things, but maybe less sepia-like style, more real-life like. You have pretty powerful scenes editor from what we've seen in blog, please do the scenes with more heart, not just as a tactics playground :smile:
  18. Wojciech Bator

    Resolved Camel Riders Issue

    I can confirm, ghulam riders use camel saddles on top of horses and it causes stretching textures all over the screen. Just test them on any scene
  19. Wojciech Bator

    1 extra perk point when reaching smithing 300?

    I can confirm this, 1 extra perk to spend with all already selected. Minor, but present. Character import/export mod may cause this bug, but worth checking
  20. Wojciech Bator

    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Speaking of performance. First of all, it's really great to see so much work being done in this field, You're doing really well! I need to do some more in-depth profiling myself and share more valuable observations, but, as far as I can tell looking on RAM usage, there are still issues. Before first bigger battle - 6500 MB total RAM usage. After big battle (1000 vs 500), it's over 8000 MB and it's not going down to previous level. After another 20 minutes of playing (including siege) it hits over 10000 MB and after siege it goes down to ~9300. I know TaleWorlds is working really hard on it and they already improved entering and exiting scenes memory usage and leaks and it's really getting better, but maybe there are some things not being garbage collected or some timers or ongoing routines not flushed well. Just reporting my initial observations and I'll profile it more later.

    Thanks for the hard work!
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