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  1. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    [Suggestion] Fifth weapon slot (or load-out options) to cater for hide-outs and sieges

    +1 Interesting suggestion (Field Loadout / Siege Loadout / Court Clothing).
  2. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    Are Workshops even worth it? (Response to pottery nerf)

    I remember Warband, where it was a meager revenue per WEEK, so Workshops were really fluff (non profitable except after a few years :razz:).
    So Workshops now seem OK in comparison (revenue per day).

    That said, just by trading quickly, you can make hundreds of thousands, to the point of having too much money.
  3. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    Lords Constantly Getting Caught By Looters/Bandits

    On a Youtube gameplay today, I saw a Companion Party of 36 attack a troop of 72. Then, with his 6 left, it attacked the enemy that was reduced to 22. Then, with his 2 left, he did another suicidal attack and got captured. :razz:

    Here is the video starting at the approx. moment (07:20 to 08:24) you see this crazy Party AI or lack or...
  4. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    For obvious reasons, they have to fix the single-player urgently ; as it has many issues and concerns more players/clients.

    If you cannot think straight and see why, go ahead ask for a refund kid.
  5. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    AI keeps declaring war on everybody, while losing its current wars


    My theory : the AI is meant to convince you to create your own kingdom after you lose patience. :razz:
  6. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    Is bootcamping my only hope? Mac

    My experience is that Windows on your Mac via Bootcamp (a partition boot) is usually a better experience / performance than playing games directly on the Mac OS. If you use your Windows only for gaming, you can streamline it for that purpose. I personally like keeping my work and real-life stuff on my Mac partition and the gaming on the Windows partition.

    These days, from what I can see, you can get a free and legal version of Windows.
  7. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    Here's why you're not getting that castle.

    Quite true. It is not a real vote as such. The game just needs to add a bit of info below the Influence "vote" telling you that you will probably not win the castle even if you have the highest Influence due to A, B, C, etc.
  8. Seighfryd aka Baraz


    1) Logically, there could be a risk of the player being executed by the enemy clan if you are captured by them. And maybe also a companion within the player party as such; though I agree companions have their own reputation and traits.

    2) At the very minimum, the player should gain a pariah status among the aristocracies after a certain number of extra-judiciary executions. This could greatly hamper Influence and attempted treaties. The player would need to make amends (blood money and being forgiven by a relevant king/queen).

    3) Some companions could leave the player's service if they have some valiant traits or a family/cultural relation with the murdered lords.
  9. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    Surrendering Mechanic

    I came here to suggest it !

    REASON : instead of chasing down non combative units that did not really run away and get captured, it is a time-saver and cooler (RP) that they just surrender (drop weapon, kneel or arms up). This just saves time at the end of battles against units that no longer fight anyhow and do not really run away.

    The player can decide to kill them anyways (RP choice as not profitable really).
  10. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    A decent compromise or moderation is to allow the player to influence the skills of their children more directly. Otherwise, the risk is high the player will just start a new game.

    nb : I am taking theory/design no matter what is in-game now or not.
  11. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Furrnox said:
    Is there any change log?

    Yep, you had to click the little Read More link (not obvious)

  12. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Rulin said:
    Can someone pls recommend some profitable trade routes in 2.0? I just started a few days ago with this version and I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the new trade goods.

    Btw, is wood not intended for trade? Most vendors only want to pay ~30.

    Thanks in advance!

    Selling stuff from the North to a town in the south (like the rich King's Landing) gives the most profit. In my game, I can buy leather for very cheap in the North (about 15 sp) and sell it about 200+ at King's Landing. Huge profit.

    Wood is not well programmed : it is offered at 250 flat in all villages and there is no profit to be made, except on some rare occasions for special types of wood.

    I also use the merchant option "local prices". Quite useful.

    Still, trading is not really viable.  I just recently did a big trade route that took my cavalry about a week.  The conclusion is all the profit I made is lost in paying my troops even though most are stationed in my castle.

    What is viable is to conquer a town and castles as your own king.  Otherwise, all silver pieces you muster from trading and quests are lost quickly to paying your army.  I realized I was chasing my own tail, got bored and will now attempt to conquer a town and destroy a faction in Essos.
  13. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Magnus Helvetti said:
    Just to inform that I have released a quick "fix" for the overflowing plums and scarce food here.

    TY, will def. try this !
  14. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    In many towns in the Crownlands, the market is flooded by Baskets of plums sold about 10 coins each.  The goods shop contains almost only that and in great amount.  It is mostly King's Landing and Duskendall, but also to a lesser degree other towns near, such as Maidenpool, etc.

    This snapshot is King's Landing. This issue started at around week 10, so pretty early.  I tried buying/selling them all: doesn't fix it. I tried ignoring it for a few months: gets worst.

    On the subject of town markets: many towns on the continent Essos have barely 500 coins, so I can't sell them my goods.  500 coins or less for Essos towns, like Bravos or Pentos, doesn't make much sense.
  15. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    There is also an awesome Game of Thrones "history" wiki (includes both book and tv series)

    [ It's got a technical crash at the moment.]
  16. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)


    A few feedbacks after about 20 hours of ACOK 2.0 !
    ( no tweaks or modifications, with most recent M&BW version )

    First, the positives ...

    * The couple of quests I have tried up to now work fine (looking for the special book).

    * As an independent and roaming random army (not vassal nor owner of anything), I have an easier time funding my 75 troops in comparison to last ACOK. Either I am better at the game or you have slightly improved income from missions, quests and the occasional good trades.  It's still challenging (which is fine as one needs to conquer and raid to fund an army).  But as a random trader/quest seeker, I can maintain (barely).

    * The new Unsullied merchant and cost (800 silver) is awesome !
    ( When an Unsullied dies, I cry or cheat, whichever comes first.)

    * The graphics and CPU usage are fine, no glitches, no crashes for me.

    Possible bugs ...

    * In many Towns around King's Landing, the markets are flooded with Baskets of Plums, like I mean a lot!  Most other goods have disappeared (some left nonetheless, thank the Seven!).  I figured it may be an "event" / an insider joke related to the books I have not read.  They often sell for only 18 silver and not much profit to be made.

    * Peasants seem to have rather strong stats.  Maybe it's intended, to compensate bad gear.
    --- Peasant women have no hair. I find short hair on women very attractive, but here they are bald.

    * One of the Guild Master missions requires to enter the Town alone at night. I turned off the "bodyguard" option as I think it makes that mission impossible.  Needs more testing (not 100% sure).  My point is maybe a small tweak is needed here if there is a "conflict" between the mission and that option. (ignore if I am wrong)
    --- Note that all the Guild Master missions I have done up to now work great, successfully.

    * All normal Lumber is priced 250 silver in all villages I have crossed.  Not really an issue: just a feedback that could be useful for next version.


    * Please add a visual cue on map to which holdings are Towns. I spend a lot of time reading over their descriptions to figure out which ones are Towns, especially with the new changes.  Their visual on map could be (I presume) standardized (name size and visual).

    * If possible, the water textures that can be sailed could be slightly different to the water sections that cannot be sailed.  Not a priority if it's hard to code, but maybe it's an easy switch (I wouldn't know).

    * With Athletics between 0 and 3, I stumble a lot, which forces me to waste points in Agility (9) and Athletics (3), points that are dearly needed for Leadership, Persuasion, etc. I suggest this be removed or modified.

    * Removing time and cost of "Assess the local prices".  I feel it is too costly in time and money for what it gives, not to mention points spent in Trading.

    * Possibility of "landing a shore" for coastal holdings, either as a time consuming endeavor (helped by Engineering) or by adding more ports.

    * Engineering tasks to build temporary bridges in some locations.  Just an idea; if you find coding that an exciting challenge.

    Random question to whomever may know : does having mules or horses in your inventory still help for speed ?  My current tests with cheap mules/donkeys is not positive.
  17. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Reus said:
    Well, basically, you should just choose the ACOK mod folder and then you'd be set.

    Here's a list of things you can edit in TweakMB (taken directly from the respective thread of the program):

    Some of these features are already in ACOK.  I would use as little options as possible, as I believe (have not extensively tested) some can break ACOK.
  18. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Funeh said:
    Hello, I just wanted to ask if this mod is by any chance compatible with the Warband 1.163 ? I would very much like to play this mod but I don't want to downgrade my mod :sad:

    Thanks for answers everyone

    I am quite certain, yes. ACOK module is officially tested for 1.161, but the more recent versions of M&B:W are small changes (performance, Steam compatibilities) that do not break modules that were compatible before.
  19. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    NathanXS said:
    Hey i started this mod a few days ago and loving it since. The combat / armor aspect enchances this immensly.
    But there are some things i dont quite understand or dont like so much about the mod.

    Long text, be careful ;D

    Economy and Trade
    In vanilla warband there were items that each city produces which you can sell to faroff cities for profit, or rather "buy under, sell over" mechanic. But in ACOK it doesnt seem like this exists. The only thing thats considereable a trade is buying from saltpans and selling to every other city, or to lannisport and buy iron there, which you can sell for profit in every other city. The only other thing thats worth to buy are spices in essos, but thats occasionally so far away and barely worth the travel time. Other items like wood, tools,velvet,flax, they just seem to be there without a real function. You wont buy these items because the highest amount of profit you get per item from them is 40-50 coins, whereas iron,spices and salt brings over 200 per item.

    In addition , there is no incentive to long trading routes, the profit per item seems to be nearly the same in every city. When i buy spices from volantis and bring it to barrowton, i should expect a higher profit than from volantis to any other city in the area.

    (BUG: you buy goods to your inventory for 1500coins, you give them back(not sell them back) and buy them again. the goods will now cost you less than 1500 coins.)

    Enterprises are also connected to that. The only thing worth getting is the dyeworks in every city which nets you about 500. There is no reason to buy the other enterprises.The only deficit seems to be near volantis, the only area where dyeworks are not that profitable.It would be cool if you could get higher profit in cities where they need the items, or have the items to buy like iron in lannisport to make tools, which would also add more diversity.

    I tried to find other items in other cities but with 10 trade skill and assessing local prices in many towns, i didnt get to find other profitable trade routes :/

    Oh and something that was hard to differenciate at the beginning was, which fiefs are towns and which are castles. The starting city seems more like a castle. Would be nice if the bigger font represent the town like it did in vanilla with Praven,Suno,Wercheg etc.

    A more thoughtful economy in 2.0 would be very much appreciated =)


    Short feedbacks on some of your points.

    Trade : true, in the current version 1.5, I failed to find profitable trade items.

    Enterprises : if a Dyework cost 10,000 coins, and you make 500 a week, this means it will take 20 weeks before you actually make any true profit (i.e. you just paid 10,000 coins to start it).  But if you buy an enterprise that cost 2,500 coins and gives you 220 a week, you will have paid off the cost in 11 weeks. By week 20, you will have a profit of nearly 2000.  I prefer to have many enterprises that pay quickly.  In any case, the fact is I often see between two to three profitable enterprises in most Towns.

    Visuals : it is true that, in 1.5, some castles look like Towns and vice versa.

    Combat (added this after posting) : as in M&B:Warband Native version, you need to control your troops to be efficient. I use F1 to quickly ask a unit to stay on a given spot rather than let them charge wildly.  That way, they will fight in a more cohesive form.  I also use the Stand Closer and Spread Out commands.  Of course, I get a good shield as a Commander and focus on moving the troops as needed.  I don't think the AI is very different from Native.  The module has a few tweaks, but mostly related to asking units to use the appropriate weapons when mounted, too close, etc. and to make sure troops don't become immobile fools when the commander falls.
  20. Seighfryd aka Baraz

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    My thought is that, if a lance is made not to break on a full charge, imagine the energy sent back to the rider's shoulder/arm or being stuck.  Of course, I could be fully wrong, but it seems like a bad concept.  I imagine that a very skilled or trained lancer could manage to hit the enemy on the upper body so the energy glances off and throws the body backwards.
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