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  1. The_GhostWarrior


    Please Please Update it to 1.158 for god sake, its soo good but you can't play it if you don't have the right version in case you failed to notice  :grin:
  2. The_GhostWarrior

    With Fire & Sword: Questions and Answers

    sweatingwheat said:
    Hey, I accidentally started my own faction as the Crimean Khanate rebels by capturing one of their forts. Is there a way to change this, such as switching factions? Can I just quit being rebels for the Crimean Khanate somehow, or go back to being independent? thanks

    You could join a faction meaning they would control it, then if you left the faction it should mean they have it and your independent
  3. The_GhostWarrior

    With Fire & Sword: Questions and Answers

    Hi, Really big fan of With Fire & Sword but i wanted to install War is getting worse mod, so i was told to put it in the modules bit but i went to the folder to put it in there the modules folder wasn't there at all, What should i do?
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