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  1. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Some clans joined to the league, which was created by TAH.
  2. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Why now you see problem? Earlier you didn't see it... .

    Raven (Gothia) said:
    perverz said:
    Argoren said:


    Source: VeryDemotivational.com  :lol:

    Sry for being offtopic there :razz:
  3. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Ncromancien said:
    You want to know something ? I will probably not even participate in this nation's cup :grin:, so what I said wasn't to advantage "my" team, I actually overchecked France national team, and Polish league rules would advantage them, because france mainly have cavs in it's team, so before you talk, you should know :wink:

    Aedor said:

    Nation: France
    Captain: Ncromancien
    Vice-Captain: Galladion, Condor
    Members and ID:


    Ids incoming

  4. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Ya, but you can check their activity. This Erozbey is mainly active on Warband topics, but guys from GrandTurk are active mainly on wfas topics. GrandTURK make a lot of for Wfas comunity, for example Champions League and the most important, they are still active on wfas servers. This Erozbey took advantage of this, that Warband comunity is bigger and make some stupid voting, but in my opinion players from Warband shouldn't vote. For example swedish people shouldn't vote in english general election, because they don't for example pay taxes in England.
  5. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    In my opinion they should not play in this tournament. It is ridiculous and very boorish.
  6. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Maybe you could make some table top players. From the screenshot you could prescribe results (kills/death) and make some table. It should be intresting.
  7. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Ok, but in my opinion, is a lot of arguments, that we shouldn't add some new rules, for example:
    -nobody didn't play match on this rules, so it is so dangerous to change old rules to untested rules on tournament like Nations Cup
    -these rules are not easy, so during match, players could have a lot of problems(I wrote about one example). In polish rules, we were a lot of mistakes associated with not correct number of troops, so these rules could make more mistakes and team could lost match
    -these rulles in my opinion are not really fair, because only one faction will be playable, i mean Sweden. Sweden have the best infantry and musketers, so other factions, with worse troops and only 2 cav can't rival with it... . In polish league, clans take only two factions: Sweden and Poland, on this tournament clans will take only Sweden... .
  8. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Really funny... I am afraid of changes... . Many times i tried to change somethink in polish rules, for example start settings of gold to 1000, and gold for the fight to 100%. On this rules in my opinion even Crimean Khanate is playable (of course at the appropriate restrictions) and this faction I tried restore, so don't try to say me, that i afraid changes, but i will not agree for the rules, which favors only one group of players. And I do not scared about Polish National Team, thay show you, what we can.

    PS: We won match with Barabe, no because we played unfair. We won, because we were better tactic(no one earlier did not take cossacks), our players were better and WE STILL PLAY THIS GAME!
  9. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    In my opinion pikemans spam on marketplace is too bad, like cav spam, but i do not cry and try cope with this.

    After that, these rules are not practical. If i will not play 9 vs 9, but 14 vs 14 and some team lose one player I must during match start count how many players i can take, how many infantry, cav, i must rounding, and count on it, that i don't make mistake and lose match! Rules should be easy, especially when we have not a lot of time to counting, but i know but you little scared polish players, and try do somethink... . So sad.

    PS: I imagine match on Steppe Farmstead. Infantry running to the other end of the map to second team, who camp on the roofs or on mountains. It's realy fair!
  10. Argoren

    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    Infantry class limit of 50%
    Musketeer class limit of 40%
    Cavalry class limit of 33%

    Are you kidding me?!

    You change rules, because some man and their clan can not play nothing other than infantry?! Ya maybe we should forbid bows and muskets, because it is not so honor, like duels on Barabe_EU_duel... and we should forbid pike!!! because using them is not "skill, like in warband!!!". Ya we will play 8 vs 8 and using only melee weapons, without horsemans and in end we should add rule, that Necro team must win... . Congratulations to the organizers, you are very assertive... .

  11. Argoren

    European WFAS Duel tournament n°2

    i guess Leo would have won but ok... gz.  :grin:

    He would, but he did not do that, so he lose... . Congratz.
  12. Argoren

    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    Ya but not all judges could have full admin, so this function could be helpful.
  13. Argoren

    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    Ncromancien said:
    Argoren said:
    I said about function, that will show list of id all players, who are on server. Leaders could make screen and after match, they could check id.

    That function exist, just use Poul's admin mod :smile:

    And Argoren, nobody would watch streams of wfas, cws are way too boring.

    I tried to use this function, but i could only check my id, no others players. I think, that this function can use only these players, who have full admin mod. I do not think, that league servers will have a lot of full administrators, so this is problem.
  14. Argoren

    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    No streams, but movies on youtube. That could bring some players... maybe.
  15. Argoren

    Wfas 2013 Champions League Season 2[Finish]

    Ncromancien said:
    Little video of the final :


    I think, that you wanted to write this on your duel tounament topic  :smile:
  16. Argoren

    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    I said about function, that will show list of id all players, who are on server. Leaders could make screen and after match, they could check id.
  17. Argoren

    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    Lightman said:
    SuperPavlo said:
    Argoren said lastly that in his opinion the game was created for starting from 1000 gold w/o gold for "resp round". And then Crimean is playable faction. We are going to test it in tournament (closed) made by DeTi. I think that is very interesting issue. Cossacks cant buy best musket and cav is not able to buy their best (and even some worse) muskets. We'll see.
    Sounds interessting but Crimean is still overpowered by bow cav spamming I think they maybe dont have the best anymore but they still have good bows and a horse and in a group of 5-10 guys it is hard to conter their arrows....

    Yes, but cossacks can buy 3 free muskets and the best bullets, one shot can but not have to kill crimean horse archer. Crimean archer must use only two arrows to kill cossack horseman. Both riders have the same horses, but cossack horseman has better riding skill(7 crimean 5).

    Sorry if some my proposals were shown, but you are writing too many sentences for me and my english is not very well.

    My proposals:
    1. If you can please make function, which display an game id of players, because we really do not know who is playing in the other team. One time i played in team, that had 6 mercenary.
    2. Other function, that make, that flags will appear always at second minute. It is stiupid that one team kill all other team, apart one cav. Flag is not appear and round is a draw... .
    3. I will be very glad if in wfas, we wll have stream function like in ENL admin mod. It could help in the promotion of wfas and referees could better check players, what they do. You can download important files here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,189676.0.html.
    4. You wrote about that, but i must remind that, moscov horseman must have better gun or archer skills.
  18. Argoren

    Wfas 2013 Champions League Season 2[Finish]

    So i can say only, thanks very much to all clans and you Welly for this tournament. We are realy proud, that we won this tournament, because we could say that we are champions of Wfas :grin: See you next year.
  19. Argoren

    Alternative thread for the Wfas Champions League

    Guys, you cheated and you did not want to admit to this. I think that you had hoped that judge gave way you, because he is turk, like your opponent. In my opinion good decision of organizer.
  20. Argoren

    Wfas 2013 Champions League Season 2[Finish]

    ErtuBey said:
    Yes it means rematch robin

    in total, more matches, more fun :grin:
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