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  1. ares007

    What is your opinion on the legality of Modding: Total Conversions

    Hello Everyone! First of all, this is my first post on this forum in a long, long time. It's good to be back! My question/concern: What do other modders feel about the legality of creating a large total conversion mod using another person's creative work? For example, there was a Star Wars mod...
  2. ares007

    Historical Accounts of Medieval Wrestling

    I am looking for historical accounts of Medieval wrestlers. I know one of the Robin Hood tales involves a wrestler, but otherwise I can't find anything. I'm not looking for the treatises. I have already studied some of these. I am looking for actual accounts whether in recorded history or...
  3. ares007

    trial by combat

    I am looking for some sources on trial by combat in the medieval era (especially England). Any books or records etc Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. ares007

    frustrating RGL error "passages for site none exceeds 16" what does it even mean

    Hey guys! I'm getting a frustrating RGL error. I added a new scene in module_scenes.py and a mission template for it. I wanted to edit this scene and would like for the player to enter this scene when starting a new game. So I added code in one of the start-up game menus to launch the scene...
  5. ares007

    replacing the world map landscape

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I could go about replacing the world map landscape with something else (for example in the Star Wars Conquest mod, they replace it with a kind of "star map"). I already searched for a number of terms and didn't find anything on this. Sorry if it has already been...
  6. ares007

    My troop has no dialog :/

    I created a new scene, and have both the player and another troop (of my own creation) spawn in the scene. Everything's ok with that. Then I wrote some dialog for the new troop, but whenever I walk up to him, I don't have the option to talk to him. This is what I initially wrote for the...
  7. ares007

    only blocking down

    OK, I couldn't find anything about this through search... Basically, I'm doing a training minigame thing and part of the code is this: (agent_set_defend_action, ":master", 1, 300), in addition to other conditional set_defend operations for different defend directions. Unfortunately, the AI...
  8. ares007

    moving positions

    Am I correct in assuming that each position has it's own x, y, and z axis? If so, when I move a position along the x axis (position_move_x,pos1,100,0) for example, does the position move along the universal x axis or along the individual position's x axis? Is that what the local vs global...
  9. ares007

    making new agent slots

    OK, here's the deal. I have some basic background in C and Java programming so I'm getting use to the module system coding decently well, but it seems there are a lot of organizational quirks. One thing I need but I really don't fully understand is slots. I understand that they work similar to...
  10. ares007

    Help: spawning agents in new indoor scene (Warband)

    Ok, so I made a new indoor scene entry in module_scenes.py and then referenced it in the town menu in addition to creating a mission template for it (it is more or less empty so far, but I will be putting in a lot of code later). I also made a new passage for it in the town scene. I got the...
  11. ares007

    Medieval/Renaissance Spain: I need some direction in my research

    I was wondering if some knowledgeable chaps could point my in the right direction for researching some late-medieval/Renaissance topics (in other words 1400s-1500s): - late-medieval culture in Spain - judicial duels (I've got a copy of Talhoffer's manual, but I would like actual historical...
  12. ares007

    SP Native [WB] Kunst des Fechtens (Art of fighting) (initial testing has begun)

    Kunst des Fechtens (Art of Fighting) What is this mod? Good question! In short, this mod has 3 goals: 1)enhance the current combat system of Warband (primarily melee) 2)add a new element to SP: fighting masters. This will include "training" and commentary that may very well help new players...
  13. ares007

    I return! (and any news of Hobos?)

    lol It is I, Ares, and I return to the Warband scene!!! :) (not sure if that's any big deal though :P ) now, all drama and silliness aside, my computer has been out of commission for a long time and I haven't had the time or money to fix it. But in a few days, I will have it fixed and start...
  14. ares007

    Controlling running speed

    Hello everyone. I was wondering what ideas people had for controlling the running speed in-game. Of course, I could always increase encumbrance or give a really low agility. Can anyone think of a way I could reduce normal running speed while keeping sprinting speed the same? edit: or perhaps...
  15. ares007

    limiting attack directions

    I want to make it so that without enough weapon proficiency in a certain weapon, a character would not be able to use certain attack directions or perhaps use different animations. I realize this can be done to a certain extent by actually creating separate versions of weapons with different...
  16. ares007

    To all those who also play Oblivion/Morrowind

    If you could take three things from the games Elder Scrolls: Oblivion/Morrowind and add them to Mount&Blade Warband, what would they be? note: please be specific. Don't just say "the emersiveness" (eh, I'm not exactly sure if this is in the right place. If it is not, then please move it to the...
  17. ares007

    connecting game menu to party

    OK, I made a new scene (.sco file, added the scene to module_scenes, and added in a party on the map for it) Then I made a game menu for it, but when I run into the fort on the map, I get an interesting dialog with myself. Some of the options are to tell myself that I don't want to be marshal...
  18. ares007

    Medieval Spies

    This is a topic of interest to me, but I'm afraid I have very little information about it. I was wondering if anyone knowledgeable might be able to direct me towards any good trustworthy information sources (books, internet, etc) regarding spies and spying in the Middle Ages. Of course, we can...
  19. ares007

    animation operation

    Hello everyone. I know that there is an operation: agent_set_animation_progress I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that I could get animation progress instead of set it. Thanks!
  20. ares007

    Calling Weapon Length

    Before I go through the trouble of putting together a script that returns various weapon lengths, does something like that already exist?
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