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  1. Deniolser Gold Giveaway

    ♦ Deniolser Gold Giveaway ♦ Hello my name is Deniolser and I am one of many players Persistent World. I decided zoorganizować giveaway where you can get 30,000 coins and 2x10.000 servers : EU_Phoenix , PW_AGS , EU_Oasis . This is the first step in this site because the sum is not too large . To...

    GLADIATORS GAMES On Tuesday at 18:00 pm gmt Legio XII organizes public gladiators games on a server PL_XX_Legion_of_Valeria all are welcome ! RULES: -Games will be on remaking map arena -allow class is only gladiator -ranged weapons is banned -legio XII will organize and keep track of the law...
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