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  1. Attacking Foragers and Scouts?

    Well, usually every faction has numerous forager and scout groups out in the field. But is there any advantage you get by eliminating any of these groups (aside from giving you an easy victory of course)? For example by weakening the enemy armies or decreasing their range of vision
  2. Merging Item Stacks

    As stated above, I´d like to know if there is a way to merge different stacks (of the same trade good of course) for example merging two stacks of bread of size 25 into a single 50 bread stack, or merging Olives, one stack with 26 and one stack with 30 into a stack with 6 and a stack with 50...
  3. Rumors in Towns/Fortresses

    Has anyone seen any effect of them in game? There are for example rumors about the weaponsmith/armorer being extremly skilled ("muskets made by him are able to hit their target even at 500m" "our new weaponsmith has learned its art gfrom a damascenian master" and so on) Are there any hints...
  4. Viewing Mercenary Unit Upgrades

    As shown in the title.... thanks to trading caravans I have earned enough money to assemble an effective mercenary troop and partially upgrade them. Well, the problem is, now I want to spend part of my hard earned money on further upgrades and for this purpose I´d like to see what equipment my...
  5. Falling out of the saddle?

    The description for the "Shooting from Horseback" - Skill says: So, who already has experienced falling out of the saddle during shooting/throwing? (i.e. without the reason being that your horse got killed)
  6. Usefulness of Shields against Bullets?

    As stated above, I´d like to know, if anyone already was able to gather experience about the efficciency of shield in stoping bullets? Do they stop all the damage of a bullet (up to their hitpoints)? (which might mean that even the weakest shield is able to keep up to 3-4 bullets from hitting...
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