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  1. BL Coding Launcher crashes with custom module.

    Issue: If I create a Custom Module and put it inside the Modules folder, the launcher will crash. Attempted Solution: Changed the Read-only permission to false for the Custom Module. Result: Did not fix the issue, read-only seems to be reverted regardless of repeated attempts.
  2. Does anyone suffer from high temperatures while playing this game?

    Not for my CPU though, besides that still doesn't answer how other cpu intensive games that deal with multiple units all interacting in various ways don't affect my cpu temps as much. Also, like I said, if me running Witcher 3 on the highest setting gives me 75c then running bannerlord at the lowest settings should not give me 75c. Of course this may all just be early access issues and they could be fixed.
  3. Does anyone suffer from high temperatures while playing this game?

    Like, somehow my cpu temp be reaching 60+ on Bannerlord, and I've played other games that deal with large amount of units and actions but my temps don't reach that high. GPU temps also get pretty high despite me playing on very low to try and alleviate it - very low settings looks like dung, how...
  4. Tutorial Other [VB.Net] How to write bannerlord mod using VB.net

    Hence C#. I think you can get Python working with IronPython too.
  5. Modding in C# feels incredibly boring and tedious.

    IronPython friends. . IronPython
  6. Which program to open .sav savegame files

    who knows it might be a Json file disguised as a .sav
  7. Which program to open .sav savegame files

    Try just opening it with a txt editor and see what you get.
  8. Character Skill Points (Stats)

    only way I can see that working is if the xp curve gets progressively longer as you level up.
  9. Enemy Castles/Cities/Towns should be impassable until you take them/raid them

    Like, you can't move through enemy border? That sounds a bit too limiting for the sandbox aspect. Maybe penalize it, like some supply lines or some **** but not outright remove the possibility of it.
  10. Sturgia - Make up your mind about this faction.

    Or this is just a universe with a different cultural and linguistic history.
  11. Differences to Warband

    Why not just make it easy to learn but hard to master? Like, in Warband I could play the singleplayer pretty easily and not have to worry about any of the advance techniques. Just make it the same for Bannerlord, increase the skill cap required to master the combat system but just make it so that you don't need to necessarily know all the fancy tricks when you're going through a single player session.
  12. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is the Ultimate Introduction to Modding still relevant? The last time I tinkered with Warband modding I didn't really like MBScript, so I would like to know if there is a way to mod Warband with an alternative, like a different language or a version of MBScript that doesn't have eye-gouging syntax.
  13. how to add the Pistol into Viking conquest?

    I don't think it matters whether it's Brytenwalda, Prophesy of Pendor, or Viking Conquests. Adding a weapon should be the same for all of them, though maybe VC doesn't have features other Warband Engine titles have.
  14. Too easy to get top tier weapons

    shoshuro said:
    Burzum said:
    Yeah that's what I thought... finding them on my new start with 4 looting... Market prices for op weapons like Fine Hornbows and Ebony longswords are way too low, same with hiring Adventurers, I can have a poor start to 10k in 20 mins. Can anyone recommend a challenging Character start? Don't really feel like going Female but I may have to, played this mod so many times. difficulty is maxed apart from combat size at 200 due to my cpu. Getting new gear at the start and leveling up/gearing up is the most fun I have getting sapphire bows or Rune Axes and getting 50+ kills in open field and 150+ in sieges just gets boring.

    1. No elixirs, tournaments, arenas (real men earn their stats/money in the battlefield).
    2. Use mercs only, a small party of 16-18 to grind / help lords in the early game.
    3. Warrior character (horse, morningstar / light lance / shield / 2h). No bows maybe a crossbow for sieges.
    4. Have 1 village & 1 castle max.
    5. If you make a CKO, train up to the average of normal KO (400 profs for example).

    Real men don't give a **** and do what they want (within moral reasons ofc)
  15. Will Bannerlord support animations at 240hz or lock at 60hz?

    I support 'Fun>Realism', therefore, we should aim for 60hz-120hz users so that the majority who play at 60-120hz get to enjoy the game without having to resort to better monitors to deal with 240hz players.
  16. Weapons and combat balance

    Rainbow Dash said:
    My point about pikes being dropped is that if we consider realism for pikes we should do it with other weapons too.


    No, we should not be balancing weapons because it was realistic in real life. We should be balancing to make the game BALANCED.

    So you want to make it so that Archers drop their bows when they switch weapons?

    Again, this is a direct nerf to an already underpowered class, something I and the competitive Warband community has agreed that it is unnessecary. If you want to make Archers next to useless to promote gameplay where one type of unit spam like in Warband's Swadian Knight spam dominates the battlefield, then go ahead and slash the diversity of the troop units in half.

    Pikes are a different story because they are a direct counter to Cavalry, and are also able to hold their own against infantry if needed. They are a very good battlefield unit.

    You cannot say the same for Archers, because as we already know, they are more of a "support" class, by providing pressure to help your team and counter Bezerkers.!If you already nerf their ability to defend Bezerkers, then they are essentially, a useless class, and no one wants to play it.

    Reloading speed should be dependent on archery skill.

    This is already present in Warband. The higher your profiency in Archery, the faster you shoot.

    That makes no **** sense, it ain't fun > realism, it's "WHATEVER SUITS YOUR BRAIN" > "WHAT OTHERS WANT". Realism doesn't equal fun but it also doesn't equal boring. It all depends on what the end user desires. Other than that though, I do agree that the base game needs to accessible to many players, so making bows function in a purely realistic manner should only be reserved for mods or a realistic mode.
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