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  1. Madhal

    What is safe mode.

    The game crashes sometimes for me and asks if i want to start with safe mode. What is it and can i open with it from the first game.
  2. Madhal

    Weird black screen problem.

    I have weird black screen problem with warband.  Every time  i resarted the computer i have to change Screen Resolution before i start warband.  To which res. it doest matter.  if i dont, after the game starts i cant go to windows again. Alt tab, alt enter results with black screen. Sounds...
  3. Madhal

    Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition

    locked because of stickied a thread Dont see a theread for this yet. From Facebook... Today we are presenting to you the announcement of "Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition", a 100% free major update coming soon to all owners of the Viking Conquest DLC for Mount & Blade: Warband. Tonnes of...
  4. Madhal

    shader could not be found: dot3_multitex

    didt start for me with lowest settings. After looooong "loading textures" waiting "shader could not be found: dot3_multitex" error i will try direct9 next Edit: looks game started even after the error but everthing looks bad. Banners, character creation screen.....
  5. Madhal


    i wan to play  cRPG  so i wanted non steam version i get this error    "mb_warband_setup_1143 is not a valid Win32 application" My comp W7 64x.  is it because of 64x and any way around it. Thanks...
  6. Madhal

    Where is banlist?

    Can we see the banlist?  Thanks...
  7. Madhal

    As new beginner

    As new beginner i want some advise. 1.  Should i play first time without any mod.    Looks like there are a lot of great mods but for my first game i want mods only increase gameplay. 2.  My only complaint  about game for now is finding village elders.  Game has incrediable Tab button where...
  8. Madhal

    Oyunla ilgili iki soru?

    Oyunu yeni aldim ve severek 3-4 saat oynadım.  Devam etmeden alttaki konularda yardım lazım. 1.  Koylerde koyun yaşlısını her seferde arayıp bulacakmıyız?  Görev almak veya 5-6 sıgır satın almak icin koyun yaşlısını aramak cok sıktı :) 2.  İlk baslayan bir oyuncu herhangi bir mod yuklemeli...
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