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  1. TheJohan

    Need help with outer terrain

    Hi so i'm trying to make a coastal city, and as everyone know a coastal city is next to the sea. So i went into the scenes.txt to change the scene outer terrain from steppe to sea. That didn't work, don't know why, so i changed it to town_thir instead cause i knew that outer terrain is a coastal...
  2. TheJohan

    How to make a nightscene?`

    Hi, i'm currently making a multiplayer map, and i want it to be night on the map, therefore i wonder, how do i turn the map to night?
  3. TheJohan

    Borders gone! help

    Yeah i recently found at that the borders on my multiplayer map is gone, that means that the player can reach the skybox-ground, which is awful. Anyone know how to get it back?
  4. TheJohan

    Delete bots in Edit mode?

    Can someone help me with this cause i don't know how to delete bots when in edit mode. I want to do this cause i'm making a new map and i don't want the bots to be there.
  5. TheJohan

    M&M: Battalion Sigs, free to use

    I've taken the liberty to make some since no one else did. They may not be that good, but i think they are ok. I may do some more if i anyone can link me to good pictures to use cause i mostly find ones featuring Waterloo and i want some variation.
  6. TheJohan

    Higher body limit(between 40 and unlimited)?

    Yes i'm asking this cause in a battle with almost a thousand troops often crash my game when i got unlimited bodies on. But it doesn't look good with only 40 bodies, i want to have up to 390 bodies instead(that's my battle size) Anyone know how to increase the limit?
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