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  1. Whitestrake

    Thank you

    Just wanted to say thanks for making PoP and for all the fun times I've had with it. My time in the Army has put me in some rough situations and dark times and PoP has been a factor in helping me cope. I've always looked forward to coming back from FTX's to check for updates here. Its not the...
  2. Whitestrake

    Placing Orders in Cities.

    To make a long question short, I'm wanting to know how I can change scripts to make some Orders that should already exist to begin with, Radiant Cross Order in Ethos for example, exist on start up without having to take the dang towns and manually placing them there. I'm looking for the script...
  3. Whitestrake

    Nolder are out of control

    Ever since the Nolder spawns were increased, Sarleon and the Empire have been getting smashed by endless Nolder parties. In one of my playthroughs as a vassel to the Empire, I had good relations with the Nolder and so I couldnt even defend my own villagers or allies because of the "I'll leave...
  4. Whitestrake

    A site to help with the Romans

    I'm not sure if this was known, but heres a site which has detailed names and info on the Roman Legion. http://www.unrv.com/military/legion.php || This could help refine the Roman legions and army sizes in the mod, as well as the troop names and their equipment.
  5. Whitestrake

    Knightly Order Wars

    Being in a Knight Order or being the Master of it yourself, Has it ever been thought of as to being able to declare war on Rival Knightly Orders and destroy them, or atempt to? Or maybe just Orders that are faction based. I think this would be a 1+ for PoP, since in the Medieval times, Knight...
  6. Whitestrake

    Character Size change

    How can I change my characters Size? Ive seen it in a few mods but ive never known how.
  7. Whitestrake


    Will this mod EVER get 100% done? No little tweeks or anything for 1.011? or do we have to wait half a year for it to be ported to Warband?
  8. Whitestrake

    "Ustav" font change

    How can I change the word font back to normal without reinstalling M&B and every mod?
  9. Whitestrake

    Lion Throne Companion missing?

    In EAtrC C3_0.3D,E The Lion Throne companion is missing, ive searched every town. Was he supposed to be removed or did no one else notice?
  10. Whitestrake

    Imperial Lord Faction

    Im am sure this has been brought up in the past, but would it possible, in the future Versions to be apart of The Invasion itself? Starting off as a Centurion with a small Legion force and being a lord in the Legion's faction would be pretty cool. Just for the fun of it of course.
  11. Whitestrake

    V4 Gold Error 5

    For some reason in the v4 Gold (4.5) at random I get a error 5 that will not go away and it keeps me from continueing play. If I knew how to post Screens here I would. But this Error is really anoying and might as well crash the game since I have to make a new game every time it starts. Anyone...
  12. Whitestrake

    Castle Battlements

    Would it be possible to have garrisoned Soldiers patrol the Castle walls and have Some soliders Training (Archers shooting at dummy targets and infrantry hitting dummy targets.) with Veterans standing near watching? It would make a Castle seem more alive and not a dead, silent, ruin with Zombie...
  13. Whitestrake

    Taleworlds Threat?

    Im most likely posting in the wrong place, but I just recently(as in 4 mins ago) came to the Taleworlds site and I got a Norton warning saying this site has a Trojen horse ----------------------------------------------------------------------   Site Owner? Click here taleworlds.com...
  14. Whitestrake

    Calradia Map Refinement

    Can this work with 4.1? and will it Screw up Save games?.
  15. Whitestrake


    Vikings did have horses, so why dont RoY have horses? Viking ""RAIDERS"" dident use horses because they traveled by Boat all the time and Horses took up too much space. But land based vikings traveled across land by using horses(Granted some dident but thos with alot of money did, like Chieftans...
  16. Whitestrake

    Will it ever be...

    possible in future versions to be able to be a nolder? perhaps a Nolder outcast and you can lead a small group of nolder outcasts as there leader? I think that would be cool.
  17. Whitestrake

    Help Please!

    Can anyone give me the dang Download link? I cant Find it.. all i see is the patch
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