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  1. uio0000

    We have great news!

    a few noobs has gathered a dev team in the Chinese forum ,and they are planning a singleplayer for this mod(work are beginning just about right now),regardless of william's permission of using his models, textures,etc.....(we assume he's dead, screw copyright).
  2. uio0000

    Just to let you guys know

    williamberne isn't gone yet,he's just not posting anything.I've just checked his profile,he visits the forum everyday
  3. uio0000

    I believe this gun deserves to be implented in to ww2 chinabattlefield

    The FN Bar the next most popular machinegun other than the zb-26 during the second sino-japanese war http://www.gun-world.net/fn/fnbar/fnbar.htm I can make the model. :mrgreen:
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