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  1. Freelancer mod tells me to return to captured lord, but lord is prisoner!

    I only have 3-4 days left before im a deserter, but the king which i joined his army remains prisoner of his enemies. Is this working as intended? What am i supposed to do?
  2. What's up with the severe cultural penalty?

    I mean, I might, might understand it if you have something like, mongols in your scandinavian army. But playing as a Swede, and owning a fief in both Rum and Åbo(Abu), my finnish recruitment in åbo adds almost 60- morale for "cultural/religious reasons" finns and swedes fought regularly side by...
  3. Why does my fief hate me and how do I reverse it?

    Especially my city, I even kept my taxes on "very low" for a while, just to make them like me, didn't work though. Even though its bastion of my faith and everything. I can't ask the guild master for tasks either, and currently im down to -31 and decreasing. How to I stop this, and what do I do...
  4. Turned of battle wounds, does my current wound dissapear?

    I have a broken rib that never seems to heal with huge penalties. I just turned of battle wounds in the mod options due to this, because the game lacks a doctor or whatnot to heal the wound(which it should have, in the mead hall or whatnot) and the wounds never seem to go away. Will the wound go...
  5. How do disable "Work on farm" button?!

    I keep misclicking it instead of leave, costing me a full 24h and renown, for practically nothing gained. Why is there no confirmation question here? And can you disable this? I'm sooo tired of misclikcing and having to wait over and over again.
  6. Neco KEEPS insta attacking me after I escape.

    Srsly wat do?
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