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  1. BL Coding How can i change the appearance of towns and castles on the world map?

    So i've mangaed to change the look of towns and chastles in the game by editing the Settlements-XML file. But those changes only apply when entering them. So on the map the are still looking the same. How can i change that?
  2. BL Coding How can i create a Module?

    I've now managed to create my own Module and it works fine. But my Problem now is that when i rename a Settlement, the new Name is not shown ingame. How can i make this work?
  3. BL Coding How can i create a Module?

    Thanks man. I will check them out :smile:
  4. BL Coding How can i create a Module?

    Hello guys, i am currently trying to create a total conversion mod for Bannerlord which takes Calradia into an ancient setting. I've now sucessfully edited every relevant xml file to do so. I've put them all in a ModuleData Folder and create a SubModule.xml which targets them all correctly. My...
  5. BL Coding How do i implement my changes in the "spnpccharacters"-file into a mod?

    So i've changed a few items here and there in order to reskin the Vlandian faction. Now i want it to be like a mod one could download from nexus for example. How does that work? I am a newbie so i would really appreciate some generous help. Thanks :smile:
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