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  1. dreadlord

    A simple question about the Polish storyline

    After leaving the Khanate, can I still keep my fiefs? Thanks!
  2. dreadlord

    Chapter 313

  3. dreadlord

    Unofficial patch of SoD v4.57

    It’s a simple tweak of troops.txt. I changed the weapons of most imperial troops, and increased their attributes and skills. I have tested it in SoD custom battle. At least they are beatable.  :lol: If you want more challenge, this is the patch for you. I made it weeks ago. I decided to test it...
  4. dreadlord

    Why can't I execute the centrions?

    Why can't I execute the centurions? After the dialogues, they are still there.  :shock:
  5. dreadlord

    How to change the invasion date in v4.57?

    I didn't find Menu Camp->Take other action->Quick Start->Oracle.
  6. dreadlord

    How to tweak the wage of one troop?

    In my game crazy number of nobles swarm into my castle - about 100/day, and I believe it is a bug. Apparently I can't afford the wage of thousands of Z Boyar Sons. Anyone knows how to tweak the wage of one troop in this mod? The methods I found do not work with SoD. Another bug: I can take...
  7. dreadlord

    Where is the outbox? Thank you!

    I can't find it, so I don't know whether my PM is sent out.  :(
  8. dreadlord

    Some fan arts of Berserk

  9. dreadlord

    Why can't I hire the black strugglers from enemy's prisoners?

    And another question: can I assign my fiefs to my lords from other defeated faction? If not, please consider that as my suggestion.
  10. dreadlord

    Are there other ways to activate the beast invasion?

    The only lord of the hawk alliance shows no interest in my empty castle. I have been trying to make him take it for a long time. Are there other ways to activate the beast invasion? Or do you know some trick to give my castle to them?
  11. dreadlord

    What decides the health regeneration speed of Guts?

    The speed without the Berserker Armor. When I fought the Hawk Alliance, my health regenerated quickly. But when I fought other kingdoms, the speed was very slow, sometimes no regeneration at all. What decides the health regeneration speed of Guts?
  12. dreadlord

    Are there any companions good at engineering?

    If not, I have to train one myself.  :(
  13. dreadlord

    How did you accept the quest of conquering Doldrey?

    Which did you choose, "Doldrey will fall" or "I must ask Griffith" ?
  14. dreadlord

    A suggestion to the modder

    It's a awesome mod! However, maybe you could let the player get a small amount of experience, like 100 or 200, after each quest. Because there are a lot of quests and not so many rewards except the story itself, and in my opinion, some tiny rewards will make the game more interesting.
  15. dreadlord

    What determines the speed of the generation of zealous nobles?

    What determines the speed of the generation of zealous nobles? I have read the FAQ. Besides the faith, does the speed related to the number of nobles that I carried with, or anything else? Thank you very much!
  16. dreadlord

    Can the invasion day be changed in the latest 4.1 version?

    The file has changed. And one other question: will the centurions join native kingdoms, or native lords join the legion after their faction's elimination? Thank you very much!
  17. dreadlord

    How many Adenian heavy cavalries do I need to eliminate the Legion?

    Now the salary of my troops is high. And I don't know how tough the Legion is.
  18. dreadlord

    Problems, thank you for your help.

    The version is the newest, 0.9a. First, I have captured Ozlap, but I cant recruit troops there. There is the "recruit troops" button, and there are 77 new troops to be recruited, but no troops displayed in the menu. I am imperial state rebel. Second, how to change the name of my faction? The...
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