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  1. Crashes

    Can someone tell me why my game crash after I pick my banner?
  2. Freelance

    I hire the freelance guy and he say he say he is in my castle, but where is he? I can't find him in my castle/town.
  3. Enemies

    Soo, i started playing this, a message keep popping up saying enemy is on horizon. What does that mean? It's kinda scaring
  4. Imperial

    Is it just me or is the Imperial soo god damn strong?
  5. Ladies

    Okay this is going be out of the blue or whatever, but i just wanna ask who is your favorite female npc lady? Just out of curiously here.
  6. Brutality

    Does anyone know what feature does Brutality enable?? I can't seem to find any information on the forum.
  7. Lair

    Hi, anyone know what the point of building a lair?? i dont wanna spent my hard earn 20k gold on it...
  8. Range unit

    Hi i just started playing this mod and all i can say is that it freaking good 0.0.... Anyway i was looking for the best faction that have good range unit, anyone know which one is good?
  9. Fiefs Limit

    I think this is a bug.. when you have 2 fiefs and you can't get anymore because other lord say you already been well rewarded with fiefs.
  10. Trading Fiefs

    Hi i think this is a bug.. When i want to trade Fiefs with someone, they sometime say "ERROR!!!ERROR!!! ERROR!!!!!!!"..  Anyone know why?
  11. Best Rifle

    Hi there, anyone know what the best rifle? So far the Pennsylvania new rifle is the best to me
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