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  1. Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I dont know what you do every with every patch, but it is incredible how you every hotfix you broke things. Really guys, are you noob? I don't want to offense noob people, but you, you really deserves that qualify. I think you have one person, no, probably one person don't have the enough capacity that do you required for do even the work you, so two person is better to broke thing (according to you, of course)

    Oh, yes, I fcking anger, so what?
  2. BL Coding Updating mods for myself. How much complicated could be?

    Hi there, to be honest I really frustrate with the amount of dead or outdated mods out there (specially in a well know site), so I was thinking that how much complicated could be to update, patch, fix those mods by myself. I have experience with C#, so I think this could be a good reason to...
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