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  1. TuranianGhazi

    Female Characters Stashing Stuff in Husband Lords' Towns, Castles

    This is more of an oversight, but originating in this thread: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,113129.0.html Basically, just like male character Lords can store and stash away equipment and inventory items with their wife and castle/town fief. So should the female characters be able...
  2. TuranianGhazi

    Editing Textures covered_horse and surcoat armor

    Hi, This is from 1257 mod but may be applicable to other textures of armors as well. Does anybody in the community know how to edit armor textures? I already have template files to work from but I'm unsure how to add my custom banner's design onto these? How to make the rectangular banner...
  3. TuranianGhazi

    Trouble with Installation

    I downloaded the game fine. Unzipped into the directory/Warband/Modules, so the folder is there physically However, when I go to drop-down menu, I only see Native .. no 1257!  :cry: Please help, what's the deal? Thanks in advance
  4. TuranianGhazi

    Warband compatible?

    Probably not, right? I'd really love to try this, sounds fantastic!
  5. TuranianGhazi

    Marriage and Claimants

    So yeah, once you help a claimant to a throne and then they act just like a lord, can you court them and marry them? Or lower lords only? It's just Lady Isolla and Awa the Pearled can be enthroned and maybe later married? If that's possible, then what happens to the holdings? Do they stay the...
  6. TuranianGhazi

    Funny clothing bug

    I'm not sure if you guys noticed it, but the other day I found a bug with clothing. Normal, putting on a dress, just to mess with the game and see what the end result will be lol: Ahem ... the result: Apparently, my character has undergone modern sex change operation and is now a woman ...
  7. TuranianGhazi

    Custom Player-Made Heraldry

    Hey all, Since I got into a bit of a custom banner making spree, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a topic where we all post our creations for others to enjoy and maybe even utilize. Just send messages or e-mails to each other if there are particular ones people would like to use. I really...
  8. TuranianGhazi

    How to Add attachments, images to posts very noobish question i know

    I'm trying to show some images off of my computer but there are not options i see for attachments and the insert image, insert spoiler dont allow me to copy/past images or browse from my computer, im a bit lost Thanks in advance
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