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    War of the Roses Beta

    The game is entering beta soon and you can follow the link below to sign up for a chance: ...

    the captain co-op madness

    Ok, I will keep it brief. I will admit that captain co-op mode is not a bad idea. The problem is, all those little number of servers seem to run it now. When I launch the game for some fun, I only get a crazy number of captain co-op servers and some battle servers. I got only one siege server on...

    Alternate pike move suggestion

    Just one quick hint about it: That scene in Braveheart where they impale the hell out of the horses. I think you people get it. What I suggest is adding the (X) alternate command to pikes and the footman will firmly hold the spear forward with a 45-degree angle to inflict a good deal of damage...

    Officially sick of ragepollers

    Well, as you can understand from the title, this is not about something that needs to be patched or to be adressed with precautions. It simply cannot be helped. So, I am just sharing my online experience. I did get a lot of ragepolls back in Warband too. Not a new thing. But today, on WFAS I...

    Bomb spamming

    Ok, the title pretty much tells everything but I will comment on the issue anyway. Given the small number of servers, you are guaranteed to have seen one of these spammers at least once up until now. I am not even mentioning individual host servers such as "Server3202" (the number is random and...
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