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  1. juicemaestro

    New game for 1.142?

    Anybody know if this requires a new game and what is included in this patch?
  2. juicemaestro

    How to train throwing?

    Outside of assigning weapon points to throwing, my proficiency hasn't gone up by using grenades. So I wonder if this is bugged or if I have to actually hit someone with a grenade before it detonates.
  3. juicemaestro

    Claimant quest - vassals hate me

    I'm doing the swadian claimant quest for the lady with about 20 followers, and I give each a castle/town as soon as they are conquered. The problem is that while I get around +20 relation with the vassal I give the castle to, the other 19 vassals will hate me by about half of that, some even -19...
  4. juicemaestro

    This body twist doesn't look right

    The waist of this armor acts strange when readying a slash on far left while mounted.
  5. juicemaestro

    Mounted slash

    I posted about this some time ago, but I had trouble getting the point through without pictures. I also want to know what other people think about this feature. The animations are not the problem, but where the sideways swing is aimed when mounted. For comparison, you can see where the stabs...
  6. juicemaestro

    Weapon blur effect

    I guess this is not really a bug but could use some tweaking. The swing blur effect for swords and maces is too extreme as they almost disappear for the duration of the animation, and the effect transition doesn't look smooth. The spear overhead swing blur is perfect in comparison.
  7. juicemaestro

    1.105 crossbow bug

    Crossbow is loaded with a bolt that is not visible on weapon when you have no bolts equipped. Still you can fire it.
  8. juicemaestro

    (1.104) mounted weapon mode

    Changing throwing weapons into melee mode and back does not work when mounted.
  9. juicemaestro

    mounted melee

    Suggestion: make original mount & blade mounted sword aiming an option (along with original couched lance for single player) I'm having hard time adjusting to the new mounted sword combat; the hits land too low compared to where you are looking. To make the attacks hit properly, you have to...
  10. juicemaestro

    settings questions (warband)

    Does anyone know where the game settings are saved? uninstalling and reinstalling does not reset settings. Also what is "use instancing" under HDR? I found a warband manual from the internet but the manual skips that option.
  11. juicemaestro

    Arrows on hero

    I've noticed that arrows that hit my hero will just disappear and not stick if they don't do enough damage. This is kind of annoying at 1/4 damage as the arrows won't stick at all. Maybe it's possible to change a value somewhere to make them stay even at low damages.. I could always play with...
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