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  1. 51st_NW_siege unban

    Ingame Nickname: llle_48e_SCpl_V-M-P Admin who banned you(if possible) :it was autoban i think, if you have kicked 2 times and come back then you get banned. or? Reason(if you know): there was a lot of teamkillers and i teamkilled them. 1 guy buried all artillery ammo boxes and attackers couldnt...
  2. unban request. Groupfighting server

    •Name under which you were banned : i think it was IIIe_48e_Gren_Grd_V-M-P11, but now it is IIIe_48e_SoP_V-M-P •Server(s) you are banned from: groupfighting server •What was happening when you got banned: I was playing with my friend then someone started teamkilling us so i teamkilled back...
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