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  1. Horked

    1.7 MP stutter

    Im getting strange stuttering in MP since latest patch. AMD. 20ms latency. 80-100+ FPS. 1440p.
  2. Horked

    EU siege frozen

    "Next game starts in: 0" People can still join and leave For 30+min. now
  3. Horked

    F to enter ladder

    Im tired of losing fights because my character automatically use the ladder as soon as its within range, very frustrating. Please have us press F to enter ladder. Thanks! ♥
  4. Horked

    Hair clip through helmet

    Very minor issue, I mention it because 1) its a little bit annoying to look at for someone with OCD tendacies. 2) In the armory the hair doesnt clip through so I figured maybe this was something that perhaps was overlooked. "Pocahontas" pigtails + Fringed Steel Cap with Cheek Guards Theres a...
  5. Horked

    Metagame Autobalancing for Competitive Multiplayer Games

    "...Automated game balancing has often focused on single-agent scenarios. In this paper we present a tool for balancing multi-player games during game design. Our approach requires a designer to construct an intuitive graphical representation of their meta-game target, representing the relative...
  6. Horked

    Servers puking or just me?

    Just now crashed in duel, kicked twice from login and siege crashed. Edit: I think some major europe servers just got hit, I was going to upload a screenshot of my server browser that doesnt show a single EU server but I cant upload to Imgur.com because they are having "technical issues" :O
  7. Horked

    Profanity filter option

    Make it an option that you can toggle on or off and make it default on. Lets be honest, the filter suck ok. "Assault the ballista" becomes "***ault the ballista!" and I could fill this post with 100 other examples like this. I dont consider "ass" to be profanity at all, who is defining what is...
  8. Horked

    Resolved Fen Altai Ballista Rush

    Summary: I assume this is a bug because this particular ballista is only accessible early round using cav jump. It doesnt seem to be the intention. How to Reproduce: Using cav, jump the marked spot and gain access to marked ballista Scene Name (if related): Fen Altai Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  9. Horked

    Stabbing feels weird

    Is it just me? Stabbing feels slower than other attacks and the way it connect feels strange, hard to explain all this especially when im not native english lol Warband stab is the fastest connecting attack but im not sure same is true for Bannerlord stab. If its indeed different it could be...
  10. Horked

    Dismemberment & gore

    https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/400 Please throw some money at the modder and implement it in native game across all modes (incl. MP). Make it an optional setting.
  11. Horked

    Can we all just agree...

    ...that latest patch was rushed :rolleyes::cautious: everyone crash everywhere. This is what all of you complainers get, rushed out patches that doesnt really work, "wE wAnT sKiNs, NAO!!11", "tAlEwOrLdS iSnT dOiNg aNytHiNg" >> (investors crying?) >> boss crying >> devs crying even more. I...
  12. Horked

    Competitive environment (autobalance siege) / In-game voice chat

    Ill get straight to the point, please disregard my crappy english: The siege mode has a score-board and a generic CTF setting, I must assume that TW want it to be a competitive environment. Players can join the team they so wish. Players can group with friends and join the same team. Is this...
  13. Horked

    Need More Info EU MP custom game (siege) client crash 3. sept. 2021, 22:00 CET

    Crashed twice in a row. Uploaded crash report. Error msg from 2nd crash:
  14. Horked

    Getting login failed error, servers down?

    Getting login failed error, servers down?
  15. Horked

    I love Bannerlord, but... (always a but)

    Bannerlord is very serious, isn't it? I dont think I've experienced anything in the game so far that pulled a smile, other than happy accident funny bugs and glitches; ragdolls, baby-lords, etc. It has nothing that make me think that TW also had/have a fun time developing Bannerlord, something I...
  16. Horked

    Resolved HUD disappear when merging groups

    Reproduce: Merge Transfer a group into another group O/S: Win10 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB GPU driver: 457.51 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 stock RAM: 16GB (g.skill 3200) Mobo: MSI x570 Unify Storage: 256GB NVMe, 512GB NVMe (gameinstall)
  17. Horked

    [MP] Pubstomping

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pubstomp Discuss
  18. Horked

    Majority of online users in 2020...

    ...is 12-15 years old. They click like and sub to channels. Many of them have a somewhat good vocabulary and have trained themself to write in a manner that doesnt show their low age and poor experience. Now, all this is not exactly a problem - unless you are for example an artist or dev that...
  19. Horked

    Battle of Europe - The Movie

    http://youtu.be/8Uf72u8xeVE Oldie but goodie. Hilarious.
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