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  1. Jamrock

    Bannerlord just released their theme song

    thank me later
  2. Jamrock

    Seeking a specific mod, please help!

    Good evening, my dear comrades of Taleworlds community. I'm writing this thread due to the fact that I'm seeking a mount and blade mod, doesn't matter whether it's viking conquest or just typical native mode. The requirements I have for this mod are, the fact that they put a lot of weight on...
  3. Jamrock

    Medieval Conquest mod to Bannerlord.

    Is there any mod like that being made to Bannerlord? Imaing the feature of being able to map the whole world again, add religious influence, and policies. Would be awesome, do anybody know anything?
  4. Jamrock

    Can't load the mod.

    So when I try to load the mod, it just close down the program and then a warnings pops out saying bo_tree_5_a or something like that, that's what happens when I click on the Gameplay one. When I click on the expanded one, it shows something else, so does the third one '' the basic one ''. I'm...
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