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  1. problemsolver

    Add nvidia DLAA support.

    dlss is excellent, but for people like me that have spare gpu power DLAA is a far better solution than TAA or SMAA which are the only present choices for antialiasing in this game. please consider this.
  2. problemsolver

    Need More Info (1.6.4 or 1.6.5) Bannerlord stutters on campagin FIELD battles ONLY WHEN reinforcements spawn

    Summary: Heavy frametime sttutering caused by reinforcements spawning in campaign field battles. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: NO Scene Name (if related): Close to sargot, but it'll happen everywhere on a 1000 man battle that has reinforcements. Media (Screenshots &...
  3. problemsolver

    Resolved Found the reason for stuttering in battles!(SSD bottleneck) this was tested on the benchmark option in 1.6.4

    Summary: Heavy frametime sttutering caused by 100% usage even on Crucial bx-500 ssd, this usage is caused by high reads requested by the game even after all assets have been loaded. the bx-500 will rise to 100% immediately after this stutter. How to Reproduce: Just run a benchmark test and...
  4. problemsolver

    In Progress Warning for Nvidia gpu users!! don't turn on sharpening effect (leave it at 0.0) or you will get the black lines along npc faces and everything else!!

    Summary: Warning for Nvidia gpu users!! don't turn on sharpening effect (leave it at 0.0) or you will get the black lines along npc faces and everything else!!!! How to Reproduce: just turn on sharpening effect on game menu to anything higher than 0.0 Have you used cheats and if so which: NO...
  5. problemsolver

    Add gpu based physx rendering to relieve cpu usage as a toggle.(even if it's in alpha mode forever)

    most people have an nvidia gpu based on steam statistics. on a game that uses the cpu as much as this one, every single inch of performance we can get we should take, is there any given reason why devs didn't outright add this even as a pre alpha toggle, i'd gladly test it. i know it's a bunch...
  6. problemsolver

    What parts of Physx of this game are rendered on the gpu?

    Advanced physx seems like a good idea to offload cpu usage on those people with high-mid end gpus and mid-low end cpus. as far as i understand, this game already renders cloth physics on the gpu as long the gpu is Nvidia right? @Murat Türe @Mustafa Korkmaz Sadly videogame consoles always had...
  7. problemsolver

    Is raytracing support planned?

    @Murat Türe game will look fabulous with raytracing.
  8. problemsolver

    Need More Info Everyone in captain mode getting server disconnected error in 90% of games

    Not only do we, people that paid full price for this game not have a server in our area but even the NA captain mode server crashes very often for everyone, including the NA players, i know this is EA, but this is totally unacceptable. Come on man you guys made millions of dollars out of this...
  9. problemsolver

    In Progress Memory leaks are still present(1.4.1 beta)

    Im on an 8gb of ram machine at the moment and i can in fact notice that the game takes longer to load and even audio stutters after about 40 minutes of playing, i also have an 8gb of vram gpu, textures from looters take longer to load whereas when you start the game they will load instantly(when...
  10. problemsolver

    Resolved Red icon on the middle left of the screen ever since i was forced to install battleye

    what does it mean? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d5YB7zNNvVW1adquSW-fUFzVjYtCSrGi
  11. problemsolver

    Resolved 1.2.0 always the same map in multiplayer captain mode

    I got the same map 15 times, the rainy one with the bridge. also some others have reported this tremendous troll bug. please solve it!
  12. problemsolver

    Need More Info Is there a way to turn off reinforcements?

    I never liked them in warband nor do i like them here(also reinforcements cause stuttering when they spawn), currently i am on 1.1.0 beta. Any ideas? Please if there is any dev reading this sometime in the future, please add the possibility to stop reinforcements.
  13. problemsolver

    Resolved Questions about engine_module.ini file

    from this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MB2Bannerlord/comments/ft0q9j My comment there: Finally a well thought attempt at stopping this game's annoying stuttering. Is there anyone with coding experience that knows exactly what this means: enable_occluder_depth_prepass = 0 For some...
  14. problemsolver

    South America servers.

    Too much delay in NA servers(180 ping), do we have an eta for SA servers?
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