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  1. Bluebarry

    Requesting a new key?

    I'm having troubles with a new Warband key I recently bought. I was able to active it on the TaleWorlds website, but when I try to activate it on Steam or play multiplayer, it says its invalid. The key is a 4x4 key. (NOTE: I bought this retail version, NOT Steam, I'm trying to active it on...
  2. Bluebarry

    Bad Serial?

    Well... I was trying to active a new copy of Warband I bought for my brother on his computer... but it seams I've run into a problem, it wouldn't let me active the serial... So I decided to try offline activation. Works! I also installed NW for him and enter the serial. Works fine! Start up NW...
  3. Bluebarry

    Error: Kicked from Server

    When I try playing North and South or Angle-Zulu War mods I constantly get kicked from servers! I don't know what is wrong, I am able to play NW without getting kicked at all! I've tried deleting rlg_config, etc... Firewall is OFF. I've tried so many things, but I can only play for about 5...
  4. Bluebarry

    61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Recruiting Dedicated Players]

    The 61st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry was present at the Battle of Gaines’ Mill. History The 61st Georgia Regiment was formed early in 1861 for the defense of the Georgia coastline by order of Governor Joseph E. Brown, with troops coming from Irwin County, Tattnall County, Brooks and...
  5. Bluebarry


    I can't find where I can sell prisoners. Anybody know?
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