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  1. Hymaboutabeuh

    **RESOLVED** Did e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0 just make group vs group impossible?

    So wouldnt you ruin the game of the other 6 people?

    They really just need to release private servers....
  2. Hymaboutabeuh

    Dream Patch Notes Beta 1.3

    Combat- Brace spear added, plants spear / pike in ground and raises point toward charging units. Acts like a couched lance. Spears thrusts are much quicker and shorter. Recovery is faster, unless blocked, then recovery is much longer. Combat AI- Allied Units maintain more distance from...
  3. Hymaboutabeuh

    Desertion unit priority - potential fix to late game recruit only armies?

    Would it be possible to modify which units desert an army when its over its cap? My clan armies, and I assume all AI armies constantly over recruit and lose units to desertion. When I have had desertion in my army it tends to be higher tier units deserting. If the game prioritized the...
  4. Hymaboutabeuh

    The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass

    Biggest issue with the game right now is giant unit blob mass fights. Looks more like a physics simulation of balls running into each other than a tactical warzone of melee units

    Bump so devs see this thread!
  5. Hymaboutabeuh

    Separate Troop Experience from Troop Equipment - Economy fix

    What if units had to be outfitted with an equipment package? You could level up troops but their equipment would stay the same. You would have to create weapon and armor packages and then outfit your troops with these. And then if these high end units die and you win the battle, you can...
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