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  1. Reapper45

    How do i add troops to the player party

    How would i add specific troops to the player party? thanks in advance
  2. Reapper45

    Help on cossack quest

    Unfortunatley the search function is down so I have no idea whether this has been asked. How do i complete the cossack quest where you have to get the money from Dunayivtsi on all of the options the village elder just calls me crazy.
  3. Reapper45

    [Bug] Heirlooms disappearing

    Sorry to post a bug so soon after the release of v0.6 but sometime during the starting quests the heirloom item i chose disappears. I don't know about skill heirlooms.
  4. Reapper45

    [Idea]: Party Out of food: dying soldiers

    Would it be possible to have your soldiers die if you run out of food and not just lose morale?
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