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  1. SovietSoldier

    Serverside Slot Setting?

    Hello, So, I haven't had the necessity of using slots so much until now, before I could do workarounds or at least rely on them to work locally, but the problem is that when you set/get slots, they only work for the local host of a server, they won't work on a dedicated server and it won't get...
  2. SovietSoldier

    [10thRD] 10th Rifle Division (Military Realism Unit) [Recruiting]

    10th Rifle Division, Currently Recruiting! Zdrastvuyte, my name is Statham, and I am here to start a Military Realism Unit. We are a Rota (Company) of men from the Soviet 10th Rifle Division, and we have been chosen to go to China, to establish a stronger tie with the Chinese. We operate with...
  3. SovietSoldier

    The False Innocence of Christmas! [DECEMBER 26th 8PM EST]

    On December 26th, we will play AoFI well into the night. With the release of Cannons, we will do plenty of interesting stuff. Mainly, using the cannons against an army of 75 Bots. It starts at 8PM EST, and should end at 10PM EST, or 11, if some of you wanna continue. Our Server Hoster, Boxtart...
  4. SovietSoldier

    The Academy of Modern Military Warfare - Launching January 8th!

    The Academy of Modern Military Warfare “The Screeching Cadets” Good day, everyone. I am Statham, a Commissioned Officer in the 7th Regiment of Foot. I am volunteering to lead a small Academy that will teach people how to form a unit correctly, and how to act, both as a Non Commissioned Officer...
  5. SovietSoldier

    Impostor Alert

    7th_Capt_Statham is not I. 7th_Cpt_Statham is I. So make sure you know this, as I'm not dumb enough to run around teamkilling people. Good Luck saving yourselves from him.
  6. SovietSoldier

    Topic on Double Gunning

    I know some people want to discuss this, but this has caused some controversy, so we should debate this out, see what's gonna happen, and hopefully a decision will be made. Double gunning is the act of getting 2 Firearms, and then firing the second one after you fired the first. Some people can...
  7. SovietSoldier

    Prussian 7th Regiment of Foot

    ALL 7TH: TRAINING 6PM EST SATURDAY, Password: bevern ALL NEW RECRUITS: Recruit's Guide Official Site of the 7th Regiment of Foot Allo there! We are the Prussian 7th Regiment of Foot, the glorious troops of Prinz von Braunschweig-Bevern! We are the great fighters who fought in the invasion of...
  8. SovietSoldier

    The ? thread

    Got a question? You can ask them here. I decided to make this thread because this mod is not like any other. So many cool things have been implemented. As for my question(s): How do you bring a companion to a village? How do you start a gunfight in a village?
  9. SovietSoldier

    The Tavern - Speak some of yer stories!

    Well, tell interesting stuff that happened in the mod for you. I for example, found a clown, and recruited him. I must say, this mod kicks ass. Just had my first Gunfight with Looters, was pretty cool.
  10. SovietSoldier

    Stopping people from hijacking servers and claiming them as their own?

    So apparently, I got poll banned from S4 by HULKSMASH and Centurion orangeknite. I was playing, and they were saying they had a clan meeting. I said they can't take a server as their own, and got poll banned. There was a third one, I forgot his name. So we must actually find a way to stop this...
  11. SovietSoldier

    A Suggestion for the poll system

    It should definitely show who submitted the poll. Yes I know you can only submit a poll once every 15 minutes, but if different people keep on submitting polls, it gets really annoying, and takes my focus and concentration out of the battle.
  12. SovietSoldier

    The Great Library of Films

    Hey guys, I just saw this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLYkKF1rojA&feature=related It is by XGhost4000x (his Youtube name). I was happy to find out that he was enjoying this mod, and people commented that this mod kicked ass. I was very happy, so I left a comment there. I wish that...
  13. SovietSoldier

    The Great Book of Heroic Deeds

    Well, well, you can tell your amazing Actions in a battle here. I was leading a Swedish Army, and I was defending at Hrus Castle. The British were the invaders, and if you go to Hrus Castle, you will see it has a Giant Tower. I ordered my troops to follow me and up to the Tower. We abandoned...
  14. SovietSoldier

    The Companion Thread

    Well, let's decide the Identities of the Companions. We can also discuss their Weaponry, and Story.
  15. SovietSoldier

    Not in English no more

    Why is this happening?
  16. SovietSoldier

    Some Questions for Modding

    Well, say I want to increase my party size limit, how do I do that? And say, that if I enter a village to recruit volunteers, how do I make it that each time, 50 Volunteers agree to join my party?
  17. SovietSoldier

    RGL Error

    When I open up Mount and Blade, it gives me this: Unable to open file: Common_Res\ani_walk_sideways.brf What do I do?
  18. SovietSoldier

    An RGL Error

    When I open up Mount and Blade, it gives me this: Unable to open file: Common_Res\ani_walk_sideways.brf What do I do?
  19. SovietSoldier

    Editing Party Information

    Hello. What I want to find out is, how do I edit Information on my Party. For example, lets say I have this: 40 Nord Recruits. But I want this: 100 Nord Recruits. How do I change information on my party to make it from 40 Nord Recruits to 100 Nord Recruits?
  20. SovietSoldier

    Older Versions do not work.

    I downloaded .751 and I tried to play it, but it would not start playing.
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