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  1. Farfigdoogle

    Getting Perks Implemented/Showing Which Aren't Implemented

    Hello, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the game, but it took me way too long to figure out there is a large portion of perks that just aren't implemented despite being on the Character sheet. Personally, I would like to see the Stewardship Perks implemented ASAP since that's a perk chain...
  2. Farfigdoogle

    Marrying off your siblings

    If you play a female character, you do steal someones son when you marry. So thats the question, do you lose females who you arent playing but when you play that female she can take steal a son by marrying him?

    Well this makes sense when the only heir of a noble line is a female, but it normally only happened when the male is low on the inheritance of his family (4th son or something) or the female is of a higher noble station (female Duchess marrying a Baron). I mean it also depends if the culture is matriarchal or patriarchal as well, but there are a lot of factors they could play here by bringing lore for the various kingdoms. Like the Khuzait would be patriarchal while the Aserai are matriarchal or something which would affect inheritance choices, which nobles actually lead parties and armies, and how the marriage mechanic would work. Like it would be interesting to be able to marry Derthert's daughter, do something that gets his sons killed, and bing bang boom you're now the default incumbent ruler for that Kingdom when Derthert dies.
  3. Farfigdoogle

    In Progress [1.4.3] I am able to capture and slay Nogand

    Weird. This may be a result of when they fixed that siege bug where the defenders would join the attacking side since you're being weirdly attacked by an ally.
  4. Farfigdoogle

    Need More Info blue squeres on the surface in imperial type cities

    I'd say try and upload a screenshot, but it sounds like this is a common and old graphical error I've seen in Youtuber videos. It's almost like a long, blue rectangle that changes shape/disappears when you move or change your POV, right?
  5. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved [e1.4.3]Cannot enter settlements or attack others after making peace while sieging

    Yes, it's difficult to reproduce. But it may be helpful for developers to anaylze that provide the game save which have this issue, I guess.

    My issue is I didn't have a good save file for it when it happened to me since I was trying to steamroll the Aserai at the time.

    Also, the Community Support people may tell you to upload the save file here with the URL for this forum post in it: http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080/
  6. Farfigdoogle

    In Progress [1.4.3] I am able to capture and slay Nogand

    Can you reproduce it with the other siblings, or are they still too young for you? Does this also apply to companions/spouse? I want to try this out
  7. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved [1.4.3] AI clans won't form armies if clan leader is stuck as Governor

    I've had this happen with both my clan and my vassal's clans. It's irritating that it forces someone to be a governor, but I think its their way of pushing you to recruit more lords.
  8. Farfigdoogle

    In Progress [1.4.2] Ragnar the lucky portrait unlike encyclopedia entry

    I think the Wanderers are procedurally generated based off a list of names and classes (the Spicevendor, the Lucky, the Swift). Maybe post some screenshots of the issue? I've had multiple games where I don't have Ragnar even spawn in the world.
  9. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Unable to finish 'Eliminate the Northern Empire'.

    I just let the main quest lapse once I get to the option to choose what kingdom to create because I literally create my own kingdom around that time, and its a super fast paced snowballing you need to pull off to achieve that. Also, can't progress the story line if you found your own kingdom during that quest. It forces you to quit your kingdom, accept the quest line of your choice, and then you can recreate your Kingdom which is dumb. Just let it auto progress based on what kind of kingdom I found.
  10. Farfigdoogle

    In Progress [1.4.3] I am able to capture and slay Nogand

    Just an FYI I think some of your imgur links are broken. The first 2 and last 3 say they are broken links for me
  11. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Lords of different from mine cultures wont join my faction unless I abandon it myself

    I think it might be how they balanced convincing Lords to join your Kingdom in a fairly recent batch of hotfixes. Whether I was a vassal or a king, I always would have to hunt down the rival clan leader to recruit them, spend an unreasonable amount of resources after passing the Charisma checks, or capture all their holdings and wipe their empire to try and recruit them on the cheap. Meanwhile, lords leapfrog between all the other remaining kingdoms after their kingdom gets wiped, but I always have to hunt down the clan leader to recruit never just get a clan like "Oh hey cool if I join you guys?", but Monchug Khan is out here just randomly scooping up Sturgian and Imperial lords and 6 Merc factions rollin hella deep.

    TL;DR: Player needs to jump through a million hoops to get lords and mercs with limit caps, but other Kingdoms just magically acquire them with no merc limits.
  12. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Crash When Declaring War w/ Vlandia

    I think the quest line is bugged for that capture lord quest, but I don't know since I never take any quests from lords. I just go to war, slaughter them, and constantly let them go after battle to boost my reputation with them.

    With the Vlandia war bit, post your computer's technical specs, what mods you're running, and as descriptive as you can get about what you were doing to declare war (attacking a village, using influence, attacking a caravan, attacking a lord, etc.).

    Also, upload your save file here with the URL for this forum post in the description: http://upload.taleworlds.com:8080/

    I don't work for Taleworlds, but I'm bored and feeling helpful
  13. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Freezing on Campaign Map

    I saw a post a couple weeks back where there was a discussion about this. The consensus it was related to your party's carry capacity. I think the cutoff was around 600,000 lbs where it would start the cause lag spikes. Try to sell off some of your weight, and see if that fixes the issue.
  14. Farfigdoogle

    In Progress [1.4.3] Infinite relation gain loophole in LandLord needs Manual Laborers quest

    10/10 easily repeatable. I found this exploit when I accepted the prisoner quest, but wanted to get the quest from the headman, too. I thought if I got through the conversation about the prisoners I could then accept the headman's quest, too, but instead it traps you into an infinite relation loop until you tell the headman you won't give prisoners to the village.
  15. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved missing recent saves

    You might have Steam cloud saves, but your local save files should be in your "My Documents". If you reset your computer while backing up old files, you may have duplicated your "My Documents" folder, and your game is trying to load up the new "My Documents" folder instead of the old one while still using your Steam cloud saves. I'd recommend checking you My Documents tab to check.
  16. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Peace but actually war?

    The constantly approaching lord when you bribe them for peace is a super common bug for me. I generally have to spam click between the loading screens to try and move out of their way. I think with the Battanian towns the reason is because you are seen as a criminal to the Battanian Kingdom since you are an independent mercenary, and you need to pay off some sort of bounty.
  17. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved [e1.4.3]Cannot enter settlements or attack others after making peace while sieging

    Hi, team.
    My game version is e1.4.3.237322 without mods.
    After making peace while sieging, I cannot play like common times.
    I cannot enter settlements or attack bandits. Below is my game save.

    I've had this same exact issue. I thought it was impossible for me to reproduce since it was my vassals who were pushing for peace.

    I also had a similar situation happen where I was besieging a town, my vassals pushed for peace with the Khuzait and I didn't have enough influence to overturn the ruling. I was, however, mid simulated attack on the town, and once my troops were finished wiping the enemy, my game suddenly crashed not knowing what to do about me conquering a city of a kingdom I wasn't at war with.
  18. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Crash upon approaching enemy lord

    I actually haven't checked yet. I thought it might be best to wait for the 1.44 release since there will most likely be other important fixes made before then in regards to the various crashes and stone walls I've been hitting.
  19. Farfigdoogle

    Need More Info Can't make family members party leaders after capture

    I think the way the workshops are now you need to adjust the production of the workshop regularly to maintain profit, and if it hard caps you need to sell it and buy a new one in a different city. You can mostly avoid workshops all together, and focus on caravans as your early game primary secondary income source. They tend to have a fairly consistent income, and if you set them up somewhere like Ocs Hall before bullying one of the empires for their territory so they have a lower chance of being attacked.
  20. Farfigdoogle

    Resolved Siblings getting weird stats and gear when turning 18

    I mean my siblings were all hard 1 stats when they turned 18 for me, and defaulted to being governors as soon as I captured a new castle/town. Like the main super buff brother has dissolved his party multiple times to be a governor for me which is irritating since I'm at the stage of my Kingdom where I'm one of three major continental powers and could use that extra stack of 200 roaming the countryside during war. I actually had 2 campaigns since they updated the family quest, and I had poop siblings and heirs with hard 1 stats both times besides Noric.
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